As for the programs of learning diverse experiences for kids, we tried to introduce various spatial events which are continued by strolling all around the places in this kindergarten.
Project Name: Tetris Nursery
Architect: HyoMan Kim – IROJE KHM Architects
Status: Built
Design team: Kim Ji-Yeon, Oh Mi-Hwa
Photographer: Sergio Pirrone
Location: Chang-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul-si, Korea
U S E: Kindergarten
Site area: 491.80 ㎡
Bldg. area: 290.78 ㎡
Gross floor area: 461.49 ㎡
Structure: Concrete Rahmen
Exterior finishing: Dry-vit, Colored glass
Interior finishing: V.P, Wood flooring, Colored glass

TETRIS NURSERY by IROJE KHM ArchitectsFrom the playground, through the playstair, rest terrace, play bridge, roof-playstair, up to roof garden, there are various strolling spaces of circulation and playful spaces.

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TETRIS NURSERY by IROJE KHM ArchitectsConsequently, all the inner and outer spaces are playful spaces, at the same time, they are the places of learning diverse experiences, we expected this kindergarten to be the educational places for various experiences of many kinds of qualities of spaces.

TETRIS NURSERY by IROJE KHM ArchitectsTo introduce southern sunlight, we adapted a clearstory system to each roof of this kindergarten, so it divided into several masses which look like Tetris Nursery block.

TETRIS NURSERY by IROJE KHM ArchitectsBy design the colorful glazed windows of translucence, we tried to teach all kids the physical experiences of change of color and mixed color. We expect all the parts of this architecture could be the learning things for all the kids of this kindergarten.


IROJE KHM Architects

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HyoMan Kim is the principal of IROJE KHM Architects.
He has received the following international and domestic awards, the German Design Award, Architizer A+ Award, Iconic Awards, WA Award, ARCASIA Award, Modern Decoration International Media Award, Korea Architectural Culture Award, Seoul Architecture Award, Gyeonggi-do Architectural Culture Award, Gwangju Architecture Award, and the Critic’s Architecture Award of the Year.

He participated in the invitation to international exhibitions including the Good Life in New York, Vertical Factory by New York University, Paju Book City by AEDAS gallery in Berlin Germany, The modern architecture to make history alive, hosted by the Japan Institute of Architects, and the UIA General Meeting Invitation Exhibition, in Torino, Italy. His works have been published in all the countries of the world and he was the editorial advisor of CONCEPT magazine in Seoul. He was also a contributing architect at the 15th Venice Biennale, 2016. He held the adjunct professor position at the Graduate School of Architecture in Kyonggi University, University of Seoul, and Dankook University.


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