11. Boys and Girls club

Architect: CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica
Special Feature(s): after – school time

The school comprises 3 buildings and is located between 2 municipalities. The design is intended to provide safe after-school time as it is also an important part of school life for anyone. The 3 buildings cater to different functions each. The first comprises academic activities, the second for various creative activities encompassing dance studio, etc., and the third caters to sports activities. 

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25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet11
Boys and girls Club _ Jaime Navarro

12. The Noor e mobin School

Location: Iran
Architect: FEA Studio
Special Feature(s): fusion of void and valid space

This primary school building occupies 2200 square meters and is a part of 20 hectares of land. The school comprises labs and many workshops. The design is a fusion of void and valid spaces and helps generate a sense of place. The different levels in the landscape help to achieve various views throughout.

25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet12
Noor E Mobin School – Ali Daghigh

13. Muku Nursery

Location: Fuji city, Japan
Architect: Tezuka Architects
Special Feature(s): Bubbles

The design is a combination of multiple circles, which resemble bubbles rising in the air. These bubbles are not bounded by walls but encompass furniture and low partitions. Although the design comprises multiple circles, the design carefully tackles the difficulties of circular planning. These rooms, due to their form, provide great visual connection, and the form also allows a free moment for children. 

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25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet13

14. Ratchut School

Location: Tambon Hua Nong, Thailand
Architect: Design In Motion
Special Feature(s): Home-like

The design aims to resemble a home and focuses on the Montessori learning environment. The rooms of the learning area are divided into smaller fragments that relate to various activities of the children. The various elements of nature like caves for the entrance interpreted by wood, the sand for the outdoor play area for toddlers, the mounds for landscaping, the trees to shade open areas have been incorporated into the design. The amalgamation of the interior and exterior green spaces help build a better learning environment for the children.

25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet14
Ratchut_School- Ketsiree Wongwan

15. School in Ghana

Location: Abetenim, Ghana
Architect: Alberto Figueroa
Special Feature(s): local material

This school was designed as an entry to an International competition. The design focuses on standardizing a single classroom as a part of the high school campus. Articulated by the local workers, the structure has put together local materials and construction technologies. 

The structure is built of the rammed earth structure, which regulates heat impact. And, the roof is designed such that it can collect rainwater that can be used later and also provides better acoustics.

25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet15
School In Ghana – Cortesía de Alberto Figueroa

16. CIME Conductive School

Location: Belgium
Architect: Atelier 229
Special Feature(s): collective design

The school has been collectively designed by incorporating inputs from the various stakeholders in 8 months. The school is located next to a historical park, and it sits serenely beside it, allowing the neighbouring private villas and public buildings to still connect with the park. 

The design follows the older footprint and is kept mostly grounded to facilitate children with reduced mobility. The design invites an ample amount of natural light, and the usage of wood gives a warm feeling for the users.

25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet16
CIME_conductive School _ Tim Van de Velde

17. Gohar Khatoon Girls’s School

Location:  Afghanistan
Architect: Robert Hull + University of Washington
Special Feature(s): window to higher education

The school building, which caters to 3000 students, is located in the centre of Mazar – I -Sharif, the fourth largest city of Afghanistan. This institution helps many girls and women pursue their higher education. These growing cities of Afghanistan are continuously losing green spaces of land, and the design of this school helps counter this by providing spaces rich in fresh air, plants, etc. 

Educational gardening has been a noticeable and significant element of Persian tradition, which has been incorporated into this design. This school is a model of self-sustainable design.

25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet17
Gohar Khatoon School – Nic Lehoux

18. Sandal Magna Community Primary School

Location: Wakefield, United Kingdom
Architect: Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
Special Feature(s): carbon-efficient school

The school serves about 210 students of age 5 years to 11 years. The design is inspiring for its low energy usage, and this intent of the design makes the school one of the most carbon-efficient schools in the UK. Design features like natural ventilation, heat pump, etc., make the building energy efficient. 

The purpose of the design was to achieve a safe learning environment, and this has been achieved as the design avoids negative spaces in the design as there are no blind spots and corners.

25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet18
Sandal Magna Community Primary School_ Mark Hadden Photography

19. Préau – Covered Patio in Elementary School

Location: Portugal
Architect: ARQX Arquitectos
Special Feature(s): Outdoor covered space

Preau, a French word meaning an outdoor covered area, which sits connected to an existing structure. This represents interdependence and partnership. Preau is a significant element of school design in France. Here, the design takes a cue from the post and beam structures that are present in a vineyard. The vertical posts here are made of granite, and beams are horizontal metal profiles. This perforated metal sheet structure helps protect the outdoor spaces from the harsh climate of France, like rain and harsh sun.

25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet19
Preau – Covered Patio -Sónia Arrepia

20. Laayoune Technology School

Location: Morocco
Architect: Driss Kettani, Mohamed Amine Siana, Saad El Kabbaj
Special Feature(s): urbanness

This building is located away from the centre of the city. The need for urbanness is interpreted in the design. The design disintegrates into many parts to achieve an ample amount of natural light and ventilation. These parts are connected either by walkways or squares, giving rise to outdoor interaction spaces. 

The elements like the sun breaker, multi-layered facade, covered pathways, etc., are key elements of the design that also make the design more sustainable and easy to maintain and use.

25 Examples of School Architecture around the world - Sheet20
Laayonge technology school – Doublespace Photography
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