From high-end clothing to everyday t-shirts, high heeled shoes to flip flops of every color, from fancy watches to jewelry so bright it hurts your eyes, from a candlelit dinner to a fast-food chain with burgers and fries galore, shopping malls have it all. 

Shopping malls have optimized the idea of convenience and provide a one-stop shopping experience for their patrons. Some shopping malls take this idea of convenience to a whole other level and are so large, you could probably fit tens of football fields in them. 

Here are some of the biggest shopping malls in the world.

1. Siam Paragon – Bangkok, Thailand

With an area of 3.22 million sq ft, an impressive glass façade, and a textbook example of modern architecture, the Siam Paragon is one of the largest shopping malls in Thailand. 

Aside from its massive selection of standard stores, the mall also has the Siam Ocean World aquarium, the Thai Art Gallery as well as an Opera concert hall. It has attractions on a global scale with Madame Tussauds Bangkok and KidZania Bangkok.

Siam Paragon – Bangkok, Thailand - Sheet1
Siam Paragon Mall, View of the Entrance ©KhunBhun
Siam Paragon – Bangkok, Thailand - Sheet2
Siam Paragon, View of the Inside ©coolinsights
Siam Paragon – Bangkok, Thailand - Sheet3
Christmas Decorations at Siam Paragon ©Uwe Schwarzbach

2. Berjaya Times Square – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opened in September 2003 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, this twin-tower complex of 7.5 million sq ft contains a shopping center and two five-star hotels. With over 2.5 million people visiting the mall each month, the mall provides the optimal shopping experience with its large selection of stores, dining options, Asia’s largest indoor theme park, Cosmo’s World, and Malaysia’s first-ever IMAX 2D & 3D theatre. 

Berjaya Times Square – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Sheet1
Berjaya Times Square, View from the Outside ©CEphoto
Berjaya Times Square – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Sheet2
Berjaya Times Square, Inside View ©Dave_B
Berjaya Times Square – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Sheet3
Berjaya Times Square, View from the Top ©Cmglee

3. West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada

With an area of 3.77 million sq ft, the West Edmonton Mall is the only mall on this list outside of Asia and is currently the largest mall in the Americas. The mall houses about 800 stores, cafes, and restaurants. 

It also boasts various other attractions like the largest indoor amusement park in the world, the largest indoor waterpark in the world, Ice Palace, a miniature golf course, a movie theater, and a bowling alley.

West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada - Sheet1
West Edmonton Mall, The Sea Life Caverns Wing  ©GoToVan
West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada - Sheet2
Phase III food court at WEM ©Strifedaniel
West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada - Sheet3
Europa Boulevard in WEM ©Dylan Kereluk from White Rock

4. SM Mall of Asia – Manila, Philippines

SM Mall of Asia one of the biggest shopping centers in the Philippines, with its area of a massive 4.3 sq ft is not your ordinary shopping center but is a mall which is more tourist aimed with its wide options in shopping, relaxation, and entertainment. 

The SM Mall of Asia has a 2-story entertainment complex with top-notch cinemas and contains the country’s first Olympic-sized ice-skating arena.

SM Mall of Asia – Manila, Philippines - Sheet1
SM Mall of Asia Complex ©Lawrence Ruiz
SM Mall of Asia – Manila, Philippines - Sheet2
SM Mall of Asia, Interior ©Exec8
SM Mall of Asia – Manila, Philippines - Sheet3
SM Mall of Asia, Former Ice Rink ©Roberto Verzo

5. Istanbul Cevahir – Istanbul, Turkey

Located on the Büyükdere Avenue in the Şişli district of Istanbul with an area of 4.5 million sq ft, this mall, also called the Şişli Culture and Trade Centre, contains an extensive selection of shops, fast food restaurants, and exclusive restaurants. 

Aside from these, the mall also provides several other entertainment facilities like a large stage for events, 12 cinemas, a bowling hall, and a small roller coaster.

Istanbul Cevahir – Istanbul, Turkey - Sheet1
Cevahir Mall, Exterior© Dosseman
Istanbul Cevahir – Istanbul, Turkey - Sheet2
Cevahir Mall, Interior View from the Top ©Dosseman
Istanbul Cevahir – Istanbul, Turkey - Sheet3
Cevahir Mall, Interior View   ©Babak Gholizadeh

6. CentralWorld – Bangkok, Thailand

Unquestionably a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike, located at one of the most central locations in Bangkok and covering an area of about 4.62 million sq ft, CentralWorld boasts over 500 stores, local and high-end brands aside from its plethora of entertainment options. 

The mall was closed for repairs for a few months in 2010 after a large fire broke out in May of 2010.

CentralWorld – Bangkok, Thailand - Sheet1
CentralWorld, Exterior View ©Banej
CentralWorld – Bangkok, Thailand - Sheet2
CentralWorld, Atrium  ©Wpcpey
CentralWorld – Bangkok, Thailand - Sheet3
CentralWorld, Ice Rink ©Banej

7. Golden Resources Shopping Mall – Haidian District, Beijing, China

This mall, also known as the ‘Great Mall of China’ with a total area of 6 million sq ft is another one of the many supermalls located in China. The mall faced a few problems for a few years after its opening due to its location outside of Beijing. The extravagant prices of the products sold were also an issue.

Golden Resources Shopping Mall - Haidian District, Beijing, China - Sheet1
Golden Resources Mall, Phase 2  ©Terramorphous
Golden Resources Shopping Mall - Haidian District, Beijing, China - Sheet2
Golden Resources Mall, Exterior ©
Golden Resources Shopping Mall - Haidian District, Beijing, China - Sheet3
Golden Resources Mall, Exterior View  ©Terramorphous

8. New South China Mall – Dongguan, China

The largest mall in terms of gross leasable area (6.4 million sq ft), the mall is arranged based on the interesting concept of seven zones modeled on international cities. The mall has impressive features like a replica of the Arc de Triomphe and a canal with gondolas. 

The mall, however, remained mostly empty for the first ten years since its opening due to its hard-to-reach position outside of Beijing. Fortunately, it’s a lot livelier today.

New South China Mall – Dongguan, China - Sheet1
New South China Mall, Exterior View  ©David290
New South China Mall – Dongguan, China - Sheet2
New South China Mall During Construction  ©Milowent
New South China Mall – Dongguan, China - Sheet3
New South China Mall Complex ©

9. The Dubai Mall – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About 12 million square feet (50 soccer fields) in size, the Dubai Mall was the biggest shopping center until 2020 based on the total area. The mall accommodates an astonishingly large number of shops, restaurants, and cafes. 

Other than these, it also has an ice rink, a SEGA game center, a five-star hotel, 22 cinema screens, the largest indoor aquarium in the world, and is the gateway to the Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Mall – Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Sheet1
Dubai Mall Complex ©Donaldytong
The Dubai Mall – Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Sheet2
Dubai Mall Gold Souk ©Diego Delso
The Dubai Mall – Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Sheet3
Dubai Mall Interior ©Shahroozporia

10. Iran Mall – Tehran, Iran

The Iran Mall is currently the largest mall-based on gross leasable space (21 million sq ft). The mall is located in Northwest Tehran and includes commercial spaces including retail outlets, cultural facilities, recreational areas, and a hotel. 

The mall’s roof serves as a sports complex where people can do activities like hiking and cycling. It also has a tennis court, a swimming pool, and even an ice rink.

Iran Mall – Tehran, Iran - Sheet1
Iran Mall Complex, Under Construction ©Diba Tensile Architecture
Iran Mall – Tehran, Iran - Sheet2
Iran Mall Library ©Tasnim News Agency
Iran Mall – Tehran, Iran - Sheet3
Iran Mall Interior ©Norr Group


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