Dynamic Architecture refers to the architecture that implies the use of dynamic elements. The quintessence of this genre of architecture is the change in building form in measures of time. Continual building dynamics bestows a better scope of climate and context responsible solution. 

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Dynamic Architecture_ ©https://www.z-dd.com/future-architecture-part-1-dynamic-architecture/

1. Phalanstery Module, Los Angeles | Dynamic Architecture

It was designed by the architectural firm Bureau Spectacular. It is a living module intended to utilize every plane surface to accommodate even further functions which would overall reduce the living space required by an individual. 

This is a cubic module hinged at the ends by circular rings. It is a product of the hypothesis that in zero-gravity, the rotation of the module will enable the use of each surface. The module rotates at a speed of one rotation per hour due to which a surface becomes parallel to the ground every 15 minutes.

Phalanstery Module, materials and applications _©https://www.materialsandapplications.org/events/2008/4/1/phalanstery-module
Every surface of the space is utilized by the movement of the space ©Bureau Spectacular- Jimenez Lai

2. Sharifi Ha House, Tehran

The site had a seemingly unavoidable land constraint as it contained the dimensions in length but not much in width, to counter that a lot of brainstorming had to be done. Designed by the firm-’Next Office’, the solution that they brought up was that it has hinged movable spaces spread across 3 stacked levels on a 7-floor high building that rotates up to 90 degrees. 

The terrace was designed with foldable balustrades that tilt in either direction of the vertical axis as the pod’s rotate to bring in life the changeable façade. The ever-changing façade was the by-product of the traditional Iranian houses concept of winter living room and summer living room. 

In summers, the house offers an open and perforated volume, that serves as the summer living room and in contrast to it, the closed volume operates for the winter living room.

Sharifi Ha House, Tehran - Sheet1
Sharifi Ha House Facade with Dynamic Volumes, archdaily_©https://www.archdaily.com/522344/sharifi-ha-house-nextoffice
Sharifi Ha House, Tehran - Sheet2
Concept of Sharifi Ha House, archdaily_© https://www.archdaily.com/522344/sharifi-ha-house-nextoffice
Sharifi Ha House, Tehran - Sheet3
Exterior Facade Time-lapse Photographs that depict the dynamicity of the volumes, archdaily_© https://www.archdaily.com/522344/sharifi-ha-house-nextoffice

3. Prada Transformer, Seoul  | Dynamic Architecture

The Prada Transformer has been a host of several different events. Comprises of super-white skin over four steel frame shapes. a hexagon, a square shape, a cross, and a circle inclining toward one another to make a tetrahedron-like article having the resemblance to a circular tent. 


The pavilion’s function serves as a building floor on either side and allows for four different spaces all of which are the exhibition of modern art and design.

Prada Transformer, Seoul - Sheet1
Prada Transformer-Interior_https://www.archdaily.com/500362/5-years-later-a-look-back-on-oma-s-prada-transformer ©Iwan Baan
Prada Transformer, Seoul - Sheet2
Prada Transformer-Exterior without skin©https://www.archdaily.com/500362/5-years-later-a-look-back-on-oma-s-prada-transformer ©Iwan Baan

4. Kiefer Technic Showroom, Austria

The Kiefer Technic Showroom is a crossbreed presentation space and place of business in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria that moves as indicated by the overall climate conditions. It is a relevant illustration of the current intelligent design with an external structure of 112 tiles that move and overlay into lines in order. It was devised by Graz-based design firm Giselbrecht and Partners and finished in late 2007. 

The façade of the Kiefer Technic building grows and agreements to manage the measure of daylight allowed to the inside. This responsive plan limits the need for cooling by keeping a continually moving shield against outer warmth.

Kiefer Technic Showroom, Austria - Sheet1
Kiefer Technic Showroom’s Façade unfolded_https://www.architonic.com/en/project/ernst-giselbrecht-partner-dynamic-facade-kiefer-technic-showroom/5100449 ©Paul Ott
Kiefer Technic Showroom, Austria - Sheet2
Kiefer Technic Showroom’s Façade intermediately folded_https://www.architonic.com/en/project/ernst-giselbrecht-partner-dynamic-facade-kiefer-technic-showroom/510https://www.re-thinkingthefuture.com/designing-for-typologies/a4056-15-examples-of-dynamic-architecture-with-moving-elements/#3562e92726c25cd6f1ffd35c4f79e7efe87ec6fc#2332360449 ©Paul Ott
Keifer Technic Showroom’s Foldable Elements in the façade_https://www.architonic.com/en/project/ernst-giselbrecht-partner-dynamic-facade-kiefer-technic-showroom/5100449 ©Paul Ott

5. Caja Oscura, Asunción | Dynamic Architecture

The Caja Oscura resembles a regular cuboidal volume. The material used for the walls of this two-storey house is the locally sourced sandstone, which also upholds the concrete floor slab and galvanized steel structure above. 

The roof of this house can be raised by a manual winch, making the rectilinear construction slant open and uncover the kitchen and lounge room housed inside.

Caja Oscura, Asunción - Sheet1
Caja Oscura_©https://www.dezeen.com/2013/08/16/caja-oscura-by-javier-corvalan/
Caja Oscura, Asunción - Sheet2
Caja Oscura with the roof opened. _©https://www.dezeen.com/2013/08/16/caja-oscura-by-javier-corvalan/

6. Wimbledon Centre Court

Wimbledon Centre Court’s extension of adding a roof to it was a project drawn out of necessity. Certain considerations have to be taken care of, such as, the roof shouldn’t block all of the sunlight as it fed the world’s most visible patch of grass. The outcome is a 65-by-75-meter (about 213-by-246-foot) powerfully worked construction of clear texture upheld by steel supports. 

The new rooftop unfurls across the open arena should the climate get ugly during a match. The rooftop was just a single piece of a six-year project that incorporated the development of an exhibition hall and workplaces.

Wimbledon Centre Court - Sheet1
Wimbledon Centre Court’s Roof as folded. _©https://www.architectmagazine.com/project-gallery/wimbledons-centre-court
Wimbledon Centre Court - Sheet2
Wimbledon Centre Court’s Roof as unfolded._©https://www.architectmagazine.com/project-gallery/wimbledons-centre-court

7. Bund Finance Center (Kinetic Building), Shanghai

Designed by Foster + Partners, Heatherwick Studio along with the help of local engineers involving an unmistakable site on the Bund, the structures characterize the ‘end highlight’ Shanghai’s most renowned street. 

The social focal point of the plan is the social community, considered as a stage for global expressions and social trade, just as a spot for brand occasions, item inaugurations, and corporate capacities. The façade acts as a semi-opaque curtain. 

The decorations range long from around 2 meters to 16 meters so particularly that as each track freely moves, the shroud pivots with the tufts covering and creating distinctive enhanced visualizations and levels of haziness.

Bund Finance Center (Kinetic Building), Shanghai
Bund Finance Centre _https://www.archdaily.com/881511/bund-finance-centre-foster-plus-partners-plus-heatherwick-studio ©Laurian Ghinitoiu

8. Villa Girasole, Verona | Dynamic Architecture

Villa Girasole is an uncommon work that worked during the brilliant periods of functionalist design. It lies at Marcellise, in the district of Verona, Italy, and was planned by a naval force engineer, Angelo Invernizzi, who had longed for being the proprietor of a house that could follow the development of the sun. 

This sort of building wasn’t difficult to develop, as it included numerous intricate and costly strategies. It started in 1929 and was closed in 1935, quite a while for a house. The structure is created by two sections: a 44-meter distance across the roundabout base and a rotational square with two asphalts on the “L” shape at their boss part. Those two sections are joined in the middle by a turning component. 

With a state of over 40 meters high, the pinnacle resembles a beacon. The entire piece seems to appear as though a watch and the rotational piece shows up as the watch hands.

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Villa Girasole _ © https://unusualplaces.org/villa-girasole/
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Villa Girasole-Gears and Mechanical Revolving System_©https://unusualplaces.org/villa-girasole/
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Villa Girasole-First Floor Plan_©https://www.uh.edu/engines/epi2586.htm

9. Everingham Rotating House, Australia

Everingham’s home is arranged around 40 kilometers from Wingham NSW, in the hinterland of the Manning Valley on the Nowendoc River, involving flawless rapids and profound water with mountains transcending the waterway. 

Fabricated to a great extent of glass and steel and fuelled by an electric motor “very little greater than a clothes washer engine,” the Everingham Rotating House is a splendid tribute to the creativity of its proprietor/manufacturers. It epitomizes numerous parts of biologically stable structure standards, for example, streamlining on normal light and warmth, while pivoting 360° to exploit daylight and shade at various times.

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Everingham Rotating House_©https://www.mgsarchitecture.in/architecture-design/projects/446-everingham-rotating-house-australia.html
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Everingham Rotating House- Plan©_https://www.mgsarchitecture.in/architecture-design/projects/446-everingham-rotating-house-australia.html

10. Safe House, Poland | Dynamic Architecture

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Safe House-Cuboid_https://www.archdaily.com/143281/safe-house-kwk-promes

The house holds the shape of a basic cuboid but then further blossoms to give it a stereotypical house impressionThe development of this thought comprises the obstruction of the versatile dividers with the metropolitan design of the plot. Thus, when the house is shut (around evening time for instance) the protected zone is restricted to the house’s blueprint. In the daytime, because of the dividers opening, it reaches out to the nursery encompassing the house. The sliding dividers are not subject to the type of structure. That is the reason this patent can be applied to both current and customary, single-and multi-storeyed houses covered with tops of various math.

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Safe House as an enclosed entity©_https://www.archdaily.com/143281/safe-house-kwk-promes
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Safe House as an opened entity©_https://www.archdaily.com/143281/safe-house-kwk-promes

11. Merry-go-round, Netherlands

Inside the Transformer presently, around 100 skirts are in plain view on a hexagon floor plan which is important for the “Waist Down” display which finishes on May 24th. 

At that point “the construction will be gotten and turned to make a square shape, which will show motion pictures chosen by the Mexican movie chief Alejandro González Iñárritu from June 26 to July 12. Craftsmanship will at that point be shown when the construction is pivoted again to make a story plan like a cross. At long last, the Transformer is gotten by and by and pivoted to frame a circle for a style show. All shows are available to general society and gratis.”

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Merry Go Round_© https://www.designboom.com/architecture/ira-koers-merry-go-round-studio-the-netherlands/
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Merry Go Round-2_©https://www.designboom.com/architecture/ira-koers-merry-go-round-studio-the-netherlands/

12. Sliding House, Suffolk

The house, in Suffolk, England, includes a sliding design that fits over the static fundamental house, visitor annex, and nursery. Architectural firm dRMM from London was commissioned for this design. The versatile component, which is 28 meters in length and gauges 50 tons, moves along rails set into the ground. 

As it moves, the sliding component makes moving open-air living zones between the static components just as adjusting sees, lighting conditions, and the feeling of fenced-in area inside the house. The dynamic action is carried out by covered-up electric engines on intruders incorporated into the divider thickness. 

Every one of the 4 separate engines has its pair of DC vehicle batteries which are charged by mains or PV solar boards.

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Sliding House by dRRM_©https://www.dezeen.com/2009/01/19/sliding-house-by-drmm-2/
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Sliding House-Half Closed_©https://www.dezeen.com/2009/01/19/sliding-house-by-drmm-2/
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Sliding House-Closed_©https://www.dezeen.com/2009/01/19/sliding-house-by-drmm-2/

13. Quadracci Pavilion – Milwaukee Art Museum

Calatrava proposed a structure-type development on the hub with Wisconsin Avenue, the central avenue of the downtown area. Considered as an autonomous element, the structure stands out from the current set in both calculation and materials, a white type of steel and cement suggestive of a boat. 

As per Santiago Calatrava, the plan of the Quadracci Pavilion “reacts to the way of life of the lake: the boats, the climate, the impression of development and change”. Emblematic, opening to get guests, and famous, making a noteworthy picture for the Museum and the city. “

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Quadracci Pavilion_©https://inhabitat.com/amazing-calatrava-shade-pavilion-for-the-milwaukee-art-museum/
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Quadracci Pavilion_©https://inhabitat.com/amazing-calatrava-shade-pavilion-for-the-milwaukee-art-museum/

14. Al Bahar Towers, Abu Dhabi

The building pair in Abu Dhabi, designed by Aedas Architects was majorly on sustainable engineering and a sensitive urban and cultural approach. To minimize the harsh solar radiation’s effect on the building, a responsive façade was parametrically approached. 

The façade acts as a screen to the building which sits independently at an offset of two meters. It comprises triangular components with trifold, which was drawn inspiration from Mashrabiyas. Each triangle response to the solar radiation to minimize its effect. Around evening time, they will all crease, so they will all close, so you’ll see a greater amount of the exterior. 

As the sun ascends toward the beginning of the day in the east, the mashrabiya along the east of the structure will all start to close, and as the sun moves around the structure, at that point that entire vertical portion of mashrabiya will move with the sun.

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Al Bahar Towers_https://www.archdaily.com/270592/al-bahar-towers-responsive-facade-aedas ©Aedas
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
Al-Bahar Towers, Mashrabiya inspired shading device which operates with solar movement.https://www.archdaily.com/270592/al-bahar-towers-responsive-facade-aedas ©Aedas

15. MegaFaces

The immense motor façade worked for the Sochi Winter Olympics. Modeler Asif Khan made MegaFaces by setting 11,000 actuators under the structure’s stretchy skin, making a design that can change in three measurements and structure the essences of guests. Changing outward appearances substitute each moment, because of a multi-camera 3D checking framework introduced inside the structure. 

MegaFaces is successfully the world’s initial three-dimensionally activated huge scope LED screen. Every actuator, covered by an RGB LED light, goes about as one pixel inside the whole façade and can be controlled independently to change tone as a feature of a picture or video, or stretch out by dependent upon two meters to frame part of a three-dimensional shape.

15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
15 Examples of Dynamic Architecture with moving elements
MegaFaces-1_ © https://github.com/Fupete/ID2-2015-UNIRSM/blob/master/0_testi/Francesca/CR5_MegaFaces%20Kinetic%20Facade.md

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