21. The Palazzo, Las Vegas: $2.3 billion

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet33
The Palazzo_©https://theluxurytravelexpert.com

Designed by HKS Architects, The Palazzo building is 195.6 meters tall and cost 2.3 billion USD to construct. The Palazzo is the largest hotel in the world, the second biggest building in the Western Hemisphere and the tallest structure in Las Vegas. The opulent hotel’s construction was completed in 2007.

22. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai: $2.4 billion

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet34
Shanghai Tower_©Gensler

Completed in the year 2015, the twisting Shanghai tower cost a massive 2.4 billion USD. Designed by the architectural firm Gensler, the 632-meter tall skyscraper is designed to embrace and stimulate the life of the city. The structure has a record for housing the tallest observation deck (562 mt) in the world. 

23. Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur: $2.5 billion

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet35
Petronas Towers_©Unsplash

The title of the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 was held by these spectacular twin towers. Designed by Cesar Pelli, the towers cost 2.5 billion USD to construct. Pelli’s efforts to incorporate Islamic motifs in the structures along with their magnanimous height of 451.9 meters make them the recognised and iconic structures that they are today.

24. Taipei 101, Taipei: $2.5 billion

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet36
Taipei 101_©Taipei Financial Center Corporation / CTBUH

Designed by C.Y. Lee & Partners, a local architectural firm, the skyscraper has 101 stories and reaches a height, including the spire, of 508 meters. When it was built, the Taipei 101 was the tallest structure in the world for 5 years, until the title was overtaken by Burj Khalifa. 

The skyscraper, which blends perfectly with the urban context and pays homage to the local architecture, cost 2.5 billion USD to construct. 

25. Venetian Macao, Macau: $3.1 billion

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet37
Intercontinental Hotel Venetian Macao_©https://www.ihg.com/intercontinental

Designed by HKS Architects, the Venetian Macao Hotel Tower was completed in 2007. Located in China, the Venetian Macao mimics its namesake in Las Vegas. The skyscraper cost 2.4 billion USD to construct, equalling 3.1 billion USD today.

26. One World Trade Center, United States, $3.8bn

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet38
One World Trade Center_©James Ewing

Designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), the One World Trade Centre building in the USA is a bold structure adorning the skyline, and restores the space of the fallen towers. Standing tall at 541 meters, the skyscraper cost 3.8 billion USD to construct. 

27. The Cosmopolitan, United States, $3.9bn

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet39
The Cosmopolitan_©https://hauteliving.com

The 183.9 meter tall Cosmopolitan Casino tower in Las Vegas was designed by Arquitectonica Architects and constructed in the year 2019. The building consists of a five-storey car park, a casino, retail spaces, retail spaces, an 1800 seat theatre, rooftop club, pools, and a spa. 

The architecture is modern and glass and sets in wonderfully with the urban context in the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, USA. The construction of the skyscraper cost a whopping 3.9 billion USD. 

28. Wynn Resort, United States, $4.1bn

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet40
Wynn Resort_©https://www.wynnresortsmacau.com

Wynn Las Vegas or simply called Wynn is a luxury resort and casino in Las Vegas, USA. Designed by Marnell Corrao Associates, the 187 meters tall skyscraper consists of hotel rooms, a casino, a convention centre and retail centre. The 2.7 Billion USD structure was completed in 2005.

29. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, $5.7 Bn

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet41
Marina Bay Sands_©Timothy Hursley

This iconic building in Singapore is designed by architect Moshe Safdie and includes a hotel, a convention-exhibition center, a mall, a theatre, restaurants, two floating crystal pavilions, art-science exhibits, and the world’s largest atrium casino. The marvelous three-tower structure is built at the cost of a whopping 5.7 billion USD. The 200-meter tall skyscraper is the biggest hotel in Singapore.

30. Abraj Al Bait Towers, Saudi Arabia, $15 Bn

30 World's most expensive skyscrapers - Sheet42
Abraj Al Bait_©https://en.wikipedia.org

Abrāj al-Bait, also called Makkah Royal Clock Tower is a multi-towered skyscraper complex adjacent to the Great Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The costliest skyscraper in the world, and the second tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa, it was completed in 2012.

The Abrāj al-Ba-t complex has approximately 16 million square feet (1.5 million square meters) of floor space, nearly equaling the area of Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3—the largest building in the world by floor area.

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