Any coffee lover’s dream would be to live in a coffeehouse. Waking up to the smell of brewed coffee to sleep in the comfort of its atmosphere, a coffeehouse is a diverse dwelling that allows its customers to do a lot while sipping their mugs. Coffeehouses were a big trend from the early 17th century. Social hubs served their visitors more than drinks and condiments. People came to discuss political reforms, enlighten people of various movements, and some simply draw inspiration for their next project. 

To date, some of the oldest coffee houses are known to cater to notable figures in the past. Coffeehouses in different places have their unique styles. Some serve just coffee and snacks, while others provide cold drinks and alcohol and in the middle east, they are shisha clubs.

Coffee connects us with people and cultures. It is a timeless drink that has seen remarkable events and in a way been part of it. Here are some of the oldest coffee houses around the world.

1. Café Le Procope, Paris

Arguably one of the oldest coffeehouses in the world, Le Procope has been a host to revolutionaries and intellectuals like Rousseau, Benjamin Franklin, Victor Hugo, and Voltaire. Established in 1686, Le Procope is a prestigious site and time machine that caters to satisfying their customers’ taste buds. Café Le Procope has an elegant décor with period furnishings dating to the 18th century.

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Café Le Procope © Pinterest
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Café Le Procope ©Alexander Lobrano

2. Café Central, Vienna

A traditional Viennese kaffeehause, founded in 1876, occupies the Palais Ferstel, designed by the famous architect, Heinrich von Ferstel. This coffeehouse was a political hotspot holding meetings and housing figures like Peter Altenberg, Alfred Adler, and Adolf Hitler. 

The Central was referred to as the ‘Chess school’ because of the chess players that used the first floor for their games. Now, tourists flock to enjoy a magnificent array of tortes and cakes under the cathedral-like ceiling.

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Café Central ©itinari
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Café Central ©Café Central 

3. Caffè Florian, Venice

Established in 1720, Caffè Florian is the oldest continuously-operated coffee house in the world. It was the only coffeehouse that allowed women and was thus patronized by dignitaries like Charles Dickens, Casanova, and Lord Byron. 

As the owners changed the Florian was redecorated and expanded to hold remarkable art pieces by famous painters and artists. This coffeehouse is a monument that revives cultural heritage most interestingly.

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Café Florian ©InVenice
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Café Florian ©Architectural Digest

4. Caffè Greco, Rome

Antico Caffè Greco is a historic landmark capturing wars, disputes, and eras. This coffeehouse provides a lifetime experience of being served by a well-dressed host while settled into a red velvet banquette and soaking in the literature etched in Greco’s walls.

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Café Greco ©WantedinRome
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Café Greco ©telegraph

5. Caffè Reggio, New York City

This small coffeehouse located in Greenwich village housed the first espresso machine in the United States. Since 1927, Reggio’s customers have sipped latte’s with renaissance artworks that are unmatched. The dining room is occupied by vintage wrought iron chairs and starred in movies like the ‘Godfather-II’.

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Caffe Reggio ©New York Post
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Caffe Reggio ©Hughes Studio

6. Café Tortoni, Buenos Aires

Argentina is home to one of the most beautiful cafés in the world, Café Tortoni. This coffeehouse is decorated with Art Nouveau Tiffany lamps and a stained-glass ceiling that dates back to the 19th century. Tortoni is consistently visited by coffee and architecture lovers.

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Café Tortoni ©itinari
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Café Tortoni © 

7. El Fishawy, Cairo

The El Fishawy coffeehouse is famous for its authentic Arabic blend and is widely visited for its sheeshas. Located in the heart of Cairo, this café is perfect to experience the market hustle and interact with locals.

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El Fishawi ©

8. New York Café, Budapest

This coffeehouse’s high-vaulted ceilings and intricate moldings is nothing less than that of a museum. Located below the Anantara New York Palace, a coffee and breakfast from here surely make you feel royal.

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New York Café ©MyTravelBuzzg
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New York Café ©CNN

9. Tahmis Kahvesi, Gaziantep

A frothy cup of Turkish coffee is worth the risk at this coffeehouse. Situated in a bazaar, Tahmis is a cozy place to play backgammon. If you are a fan of Deborah Rodriguez’s book, this is the closest experience you could get!

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Tahmis Kahvesi ©Kisik Ates
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Tahmis Kahvesi ©Yolcu 360

10. Queen’s Lane, Oxford, England

Established in 1654, this coffeehouse holds the claim of being, ‘the oldest coffeehouse’. This coffeehouse is known more for its Mediterranean dishes than their coffee.

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Queen’s Lane Café ©lonelyplanet
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