There’s nothing that beats the exhilaration of traveling to new, stunningly beautiful places amid nature. Whether it is rugged terrain or a serene, babbling brook nestled among lush green forests that take your breath away, a customized camper van is a great way to start a life on the road. Van companies customize a van of your choice to fulfill your travel needs. No matter your preferred aesthetic, van companies beautifully transform a simple van into a comfortable yet glamorous motorhome. 

If you can hear the mountains calling and are eager to join the ‘van life’ movement, then here is a handpicked list of the best van companies that will give your van a beautiful makeover for the enticing journey ahead amid Mother Nature.

1. Advanture Co | Van companies

For those looking for a budget-friendly van company, to transform an ordinary van into a charming, cozy beauty, Advanture Co. is the perfect fit! The van company offers tons of customizable options for versatile budgets. What sets the company apart, is that the team is super adaptable, and the conversion takes place in stages to ensure the budget is not overshot. 

You can start with the base model and add customizable upgrades such as leather seats, upgraded audio-visuals, and Wi-Fi. The base model includes green elements such as rooftop ventilation and a solar setup. It is the perfect option to witness the revitalizing charm of nature and stay off the grid.  

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Adventure Co. vans offer a breathtaking view. ©
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Beautiful beach views from a Redwood furnished van. ©

2. Glamper Van

Glamper Van’s MUV (multi-use vehicle) is the perfect fit for those looking for comfort, beauty, and functionality.  The MUVs have been designed in a way that they are much more valuable than a mere weekend getaway van; they become a part of one’s daily life. These vans offer versatile designs that can even accommodate a home office and a queen-sized bed. 

The company uses vinyl flooring and finely crafted birch plywood surfaces, that are complemented by stainless steel hardware. The company’s uplifted vans also feature a gorgeous awning, portable toilet, and a roof rack.

For those looking to indulge in breathtaking views, even a rooftop deck can be added!

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Simple interiors with a pull-out bed that can convert into a home office. ©

3. El Kapitan

Imagine enjoying a picture-perfect scene, from luxurious, futuristic interiors. The three factors that define every El Kapitan creation are flawless interiors, unparalleled craftsmanship, and advanced technologies. With this van company, you get to enjoy a liberating and refreshing sense of freedom in style. 

All of the vans designed by this van company are equipped with solar panels, air-conditioners, storage space, and generators, making them the perfect option to enjoy life on the road, and off the grid. The plush and comfy interiors and free-flowing floor plans are reminiscent of a five-star star hotel, encapsulated in a van!

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Beautiful views and interiors. ©

4. TouRig 

Though founded almost twenty years ago, the van company’s mission is still rooted in the same principleto encourage an undying spirit of adventure. Every van designed by this company is a mark of excellence in terms of being lightweight and durable. 

TouRig provides some great customizable options for the van’s interior be it plush upholstery that mimics the diverse patterns of nature, or sustainable materials. The team is composed of skilled craftsmen with years of unmatched experience in the construction and transportation industries.

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Sleek Exteriors. ©
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Comfortable Interiors. ©

5. Outside Van | Van companies

Founded over thirty years ago by van lifer’s themselves, Outside Van’s team has the complete know-how on everything from woodworking and metalworking to upholstery design. A lot of the exterior and interior components used by this stellar van company are created in-house, giving all of its camper vans a dazzling, unique look.
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The van company’s Premium Interior Package includes basic infrastructure to be comfortable in the wilderness. It is inclusive of insulation, a safety package, and sound damping. Its ‘Space Mountain’ van is a great example of Outside Van’s ingenious space planning methods. It features a mini-kitchen, table, and a flexible dinette with benches that can transform into a cushiony bed!

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Vibrant, warm interiors. ©

6. This Moving House

The van company designs and builds beautiful projects that mesmerizingly merge innovations in small space architecture and interior design, with restructured camper van layouts. The result is a masterpiece; a vehicle that is practical, functional, livable, and relaxing, without compromising on the natural light and space. The team works together with clients every step of the way, to deliver a dream house on four wheels. 

One of This Moving House’s most notable projects is The Dog Van. As can be guessed, the van was designed for a client who regularly attends dog shows! The converted van features two delightful kennels, a mini kitchen, a fixed bed, and a storable guest bed. 

Sleek, cozy van interiors. ©

7. Rossmönster Vans

A company that’s known for its tantalizing custom woodwork, Rossmönster Vans is a great example of unique and beautiful camper van interiors. Every van they work on is transformed into a heavenly abode. The earthy tones and custom wood finish make campers feel one with nature. 

The name of the company can be translated from Swedish into the ‘design and creation of artistic, simple and skillful spaces’, a name to which the van company does great justice. For those who desire a fully custom van, with tailored floor plans, and high-quality materials, this van company is a surefire win.

Custom woodwork accentuates clean interiors. ©

8. Boulder Campervans

At Boulder Campervans, the client is the priority. The van company’s team takes the word ‘custom’ to heart and creates a fine masterpiece with every nook and cranny of the van’s interior detailed out as per the client’s requirements.
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It offers some beautifully crafted furniture and minimalistic yet flexible floor plans.

The conversion process begins with a discussion, followed by the blueprint designed by the accomplished in-house design team. With Boulder, there is absolutely no limit to the degree of customization offered. This dream van is a great travel companion, a home away from home! 

Minimalistic design by Boulder CamperVans. ©

9. ZenVanz

For all the adventurers out there, ZenVanz offers supreme craftsmanship to enable explorers to enjoy the travel life, with comfort and confidence. The van company also offers a DIY cabinet kit, for those who desire to convert their van interiors. True to the adventurer spirit, ZenVanz’s interiors have an elegant yet rugged look, motivating van lifers to experience the outdoors

The interiors are made from gorgeous eco-friendly materials that mimic the serene and vibrant textures and colors of nature. For a beautiful milieu of award-winning architecture and adventure, ZenVanz is worth a try!

Zen interiors and views. ©

10. Vanlife Customs | Van companies

With clean, simple interiors and humble beginnings, Van Life Customs is here to steal our hearts! Vanlife Customs designs and builds one of a kind camper vans, to suit diverse lifestyles. The interiors are kept clean and minimal yet have everything one would ever wish for a comfortable life on the road. 

In addition to gorgeous interiors that accentuate the beauty of minimalism, the van company also adds solar panels and lithium batteries, to enable people to go offline. Even while traveling, one is sure to feel right at home in this architectural beauty!

Comfortable and adaptive van interiors. ©

With the travel bug making its rounds, it’s no wonder that van companies are the new trend! These mobile homes unleash the remarkability of tiny living and a new lease in life.


Deeksha Kamath is a fresh graduate from Manipal School of Architecture and Planning, India, with a penchant for writing. She believes that words, when strung together beautifully, can evoke the greatest emotions in readers. With this precept, she aspires to proliferate her love for architecture, through her writing.