Well, how can anyone not like something that’s uber-stylish, appealing, and looks so divine? Comfortable, stylish, and trendy: that is Ferrari for you! Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer with its roots in Italy. Ferrari concept cars have been religiously participating in most of the car racing competitions around the world, especially formula one.

Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939, they gained worldwide recognition in 1947, as the first Ferrari-badged car was completed in that year. Concept car designing is a perfect blend of modern art, science, aesthetics, and technology. Ferrari designs fabulous concept cars every year, each one being a beauty in itself. 

Below is a list of the best Ferrari cars available in the market, in no particular order:

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Ferrari Logo_©www.wikipedia.org

Ferrari 812 Superfast | Ferrari Concept Cars

With a smooth flowing curvaceous Italian body, sharply slanted crease lines, and muscular wheel arches, 812 Superfast is undoubtedly one of the best base frames we have seen for any car. The car has an eye-catchy sleek look, and at the tail end, it includes a pair of buttresses that incorporate the roof-folding mechanism. 

The car employs a high-class transaxle architecture paired with a front-mounted engine and a rear-mounted transmission. It is also the first Ferrari equipped with EPS (Electric Power Steering).” They visually embody a sense of forwarding thrust”, says Ferrari. It has a horsepower of 789 bhp @ 8,500 rpm and a torque of 530 lb-ft @ 7000 rpm. It comes at the base price of 340,712 US dollars with the top speed being 340 km/h.

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Ferrari 812 Superfast_©www.wikipedia.org

Ferrari F8 Tributo

As Ferrari says, F8 Tributo is “the new mid-rear-engined sports car that represents the highest expression of the Prancing Horse’s classic two-seater Berlinetta—an homage to the most powerful V8 in Ferrari history”.

The beauty showcases state-of-the-art aerodynamics, innovations, and expertise cleverly integrated into the design. A power of 710 bhp @ 8,000 rpm is produced by the engine and a torque of 568 lb-ft @ 3250 rpm. It is placed at a base price of 300,000 US dollars with the top speed being 131 km/h.

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Ferrari F8 3Tributo_pixabay

Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider | Ferrari Concept Cars

With aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics control systems’ latest iterations beautifully integrated, F8 Spider is an impressive design out in the market. Breaking stereotypes, the line between the car’s body and the roof is shifted from its original position. 

Therefore, the car’s top is more compact and two-dimensional. An aluminum sail panel is incorporated in the dashboard with a 7” passenger side-display. The engine has a power of 710 bhp @ 8,000 rpm and a torque of 568 lb-ft @ 3,250 rpm. The maximum speed is 211 mph and available at a base price of 300,00 US dollars.

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4_Ferrari Tributo F8 Spider_©www.wikipedia.org

Ferrari 488 Pista

‘Pista’, meaning ‘track’ in Italian, was chosen as the name for the design as a tribute to the remarkable track record of Ferrari in the history of motorsports. The 488 Pista engine has a sport of 720 cv at 8000 rpm while torque is higher at all engine speeds, standing at 770 Nm. 

With extensive research regarding aerodynamics being involved in the design process, the concept car is a tribute to the FIA world endurance championship. The maximum speed that could be achieved is 220 rpm.

Ferrari 488 Pista_©www.wikipedia.org
Ferrari 488 Pista_©www.wikipedia.org

Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Ferrari Concept Cars

The SF90 Stradale is the first-ever Ferrari to feature PHEV-Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle architecture. This is a system where the internal combustion engine is integrated with three electric motors, out of which two are independent, located on the front axle, and the third at the rear, between the gearbox and the engine. As an add-on, the car can be customized according to the client’s requirements – a standard version or a sports-oriented version. 

Now, how cool is that! The principal aim was to create a forward looking-innovative design. Deviating from the typical, the car’s tail is lowered and the rear screen’s profile no longer follows the line from the roof to the bumper. It comes at a base price of 1,000,000 US Dollars.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale_©www.wikipedia.org
Ferrari SF90 Stradale_©www.wikipedia.org

Ferrari Roma

‘Ferrari Roma combines refined proportions and timeless design with unparalleled performance and handling’ says Ferrari. The design seeks to represent the way of life in Rome in the 1950s and 1960s. Every part of the model is harmonious with the other, with its pure and elegant volumes, creating a minimalistic product. 

With 70% of its components being new, the weight of the car is significantly reduced. Also, the body shell and the chassis have also been redesigned effectively. It has an engine with a power of 612 bhp and a torque of 560 lb-ft.

Ferrari Roma_©www.wikipedia.org
Ferrari Roma_©www.wikipedia.org

Ferrari Monza SP2 | Ferrari Concept Cars

One of the ‘icona cars’ launched by Ferrari, it combines the timeless classic design with up-to-date technological achievements which makes super-high performance possible to the users. The design principle involves graceful forms and wing-profile forms of the bodyshell. 

As Ferrari says, “The model’s contours seem to be sculpted by the wind”. The design is both futuristic and nostalgic, which makes it all the more special. A windshield virtually is adopted into the aerodynamics of the car. Also, a virtual windshield, patented for this model, is adopted to minimize the effect of negative airflow.

Ferrari Monza_©www.wikipedia.org
Ferrari Monza_©www.wikipedia.org

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