Based in Mumbai, MuseLAB is a design firm that offers a bespoke and modish approach to design. They are prominent for their unique and highly customized environments, interiors, restoration, furniture, and woodwork. The firm was founded in 2012 by partners Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani; built upon their shared passion for design. 

1. Maison Deco

This 3-bedroom apartment embraces artistic touches by turning to Art Deco style. The herringbone-pattern wooden floor in the living room reminds of the Art Deco era while the high back seating and plush upholster gives the salon a formal look. Details such as CNC milled pine wood screen, a striking leg detail for the dining table, headboards, and a pink backsplash for the kitchen embraces technological innovation, modern materials, and mechanization – overall emphasizing the style itself. 

Maison Deco - Sheet1
Lounge ©
Maison Deco - Sheet2
Lounge ©
Maison Deco - Sheet3
Lounge ©

2. Colorimetric

This apartment of a young couple is designed through minimal intervention, with streamlined furniture, simple and uncluttered pieces. The purpose behind the design concept is honesty, keeping structures and materials in plain aesthetic. A Dash of colors and geometric shapes within the artwork, furniture, and flooring pattern enhances the bold look. 

Colorimetric - Sheet1
Living Space©
Colorimetric - Sheet2
Living Space©
Colorimetric - Sheet3
Bedroom entrance -©

3. A Fine Mess

The three-bedroom apartment in Mumbai is designed for a couple and their two daughters. The design creates a large and fluid living space while eliminating the solid kitchen partition and uniting the kitchen, living, and dining space. The home is rendered in natural textures and contrasting materials that create an ambiance that feels both aged and new.

A Fine Mess - Sheet1
Living space ©
A Fine Mess - Sheet2
KITCHEN space ©
A Fine Mess - Sheet3

4. Street Oasis

The street fashion store is designed simple, organized, and at the same time inviting and provides for a functional shopping spree. The major challenge of the design was to organize the display area in the narrow street like 300 square-feet space and ensure to accommodate large inventory. The combination of textures and materials is balanced and comforting while the blast of teak and the sunshine yellow just adds the right amount of glam. 

Street Oasis - Sheet1
Installation by the entrance ©
Street Oasis - Sheet2
entrance ©
Street Oasis - Sheet3
Store display ©

5. Sequel

The flagship café Sequel located in Bandra is both a café and a juice bar combined. The café is adorned with a muted palette using simple and natural materials such as the cemented floor, teak wood furniture, and rough whitewashed walls, whereas the only naturally colored element is the plants. 

Sequel - Sheet1
Dining and juice bar ©
Sequel - Sheet2
Café seating ©

6. Free Spirited

This residence has been revamped from 4BHK to 5BHK by converting a den area and a powder bathroom that was part of the dining area into the fifth bedroom. The house is given a laid back, carefree, very free-spirited look.

Every piece of fixed and loose furniture has been detailed and various construction techniques have been employed. The highlight of the apartment is the Corian clad object-like living-dining unit placed in the center of the approximate 900 square-feet living room. 

Free Spirited - Sheet1
Junior bedroom ©
Free Spirited - Sheet2
Floor bed in the master bedroom ©
Free Spirited - Sheet3
Floor bed in the master bedroom ©

7. Sunshine Parlour

This studio apartment located near Prabhadevi beach is an almost column-free rectangular space that receives good daylight. The apartment is owned by a fitness instructor, therefore, it was necessary to arrange the house as open-plan as possible.

Walls have been discarded and living rooms, dining, and kitchen are merged into one space. Wall is bare of objects to provide surfaces for curating and displaying wall arts as the owner is fond of colors and art. 

Sunshine Parlour - Sheet1
Living-dining ©
Sunshine Parlour - Sheet2
Living-dining ©
Sunshine Parlour - Sheet3

8. Varun Bahl

The Varun Bhal flagship store in Mumbai gets its inspiration from Art Nouveau. The storefront grills with their organic pattern distinguish ornamental characteristics of that style. Predominantly, the store reflects an eclectic style incorporating contemporary forms with its decorative natural motifs and contrasting modern elements throughout the space.

Varun Bahl - Sheet1
Entrance ©
Varun Bahl - Sheet2
Entrance ©
Varun Bahl - Sheet3
Entrance ©

9. Casa Loft

The 3-bedroom apartment at Mumbai Central is revamped from 1000 square-feet commercial space with 14 feet high ceiling. The goal of the design was to make effective usage of the limited space and at the same time, creating clean generous spaces. Therefore, the loft apartment is conceived as a duplex apartment. The interior is kept clean and every inch of space is used efficiently. 

Casa Loft - Sheet1
Living room ©
Casa Loft - Sheet2
DINING room ©
Casa Loft - Sheet3

10. Back to the Arcade

The fashion atelier Seams spans 900 square-feet double-height space features delicate, feminine, and refined elements. The walls are donned with dusky pink-hue and floors feature silver grey-hued terrazzo with brass inlay. The striking element of the store is the row of symmetrical arches that extend into shallow vaults in the ceiling.  

Back to the Arcade - Sheet1
Store display ©
Back to the Arcade - Sheet2
Arcade and Cascading Terrazzo table ©
Back to the Arcade - Sheet3
Arcade and Cascading Terrazzo table ©

11. India Circus

The India Circus store is located in Palladium mall at Lower Parel, Mumbai. The small store is a linear cuboid with 16 feet high walls. The array of display units consist of 10 feet charcoal-colored display units, a tiered display in teal, by the entrance, and an L-shaped corner display unit deeper within the store. The store is true, a colorful wonderland made up of all its diversified home décor accessories of the brand.   

India Circus - Sheet1
Entrance ©
India Circus - Sheet2
Store display ©
India Circus - Sheet3
Tiered display in teal ©

12. Light Play

This 2-bedroom apartment of four is an interesting project where the play of light and shade brings squirts of moments. The house receives an ample amount of daylight all through the day spilling every corner of the house, which gave the design team the to play with light. The design began with a window grill that acts as a layer and not as a barrier. This element is further carried as a screen in the living room and behind the bar that screens the bedroom and the temple area. 

Light Play - Sheet1
Window grill ©
Light Play - Sheet2
Wardrobe gallery and bedside ©
Light Play - Sheet3
Dining table plus entrance screen ©

13. Beyond Cubicles

The 6,500 square-feet space office is of a leading pharmaceutical company based out of Mumbai. The design and choice of materials reflect the company’s value such as vigor, strength, and hope. Unlike the trading desks on an open floor, where the employees are given definite spaces separated by a mesh and defined by their overhead and under-counter storage spaces. Material such as marble finishes with metal framework reflects strength while glass and colors echo hope and vigor besides maintaining a bright and playful atmosphere. 

Beyond Cubicles - Sheet1
Office corridor ©
Beyond Cubicles - Sheet2
Workstations ©

14. Happy Owl

This apartment in Bandra is inspired by Ana Montiel’s paintings. Everything from the wall color to the furniture, fixtures are carefully chosen to follow the kind of natural beauty in a Montiel painting. All in all, the styling of the home is contemporary, detail-focused, and well-balanced of warmth and vibrancy. 

Happy Owl - Sheet1
Library bar ©
Happy Owl - Sheet2
DEN AND DINING -Library bar ©
Happy Owl - Sheet3
Library bar ©

15. Through the Keyhole Arches

The revamped apartment located in suburban Bombay graces a modern and minimalistic design set off by a soft and feminine color palette. The dining space bookended by two asymmetrical keyhole arches to allow for eye-contact with the living room, kitchen, and the bedroom, is the highlighted feature of the house.  

Through the Keyhole Arches - Sheet1
Living room ©
Through the Keyhole Arches - Sheet2
Looking through the keyhole arch ©
Through the Keyhole Arches - Sheet3
Looking through the double keyhole arches ©

Tasmania Chowdhury, an architecture graduate, is currently engaged as a feature writer in the leading architecture magazine in Bangladesh. To her, architecture exists as an emotional platform. It has the potential to make people move. She enjoys putting down this emotive tool in writing while enjoying a cup of latte and plugging to ‘Rabindra Sangeet’.

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