One of the most seasoned architectural companies in Western Australia is Parry and Rosenthal Architects. Their main priorities are excellent project management, superior design, and excellent customer service. A few of their best projects are listed below – 

Matagarup Bridge, Swan River, Western Australia

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View of Matagarup Bridge_ ©

The bridge is located between the Burswood peninsula and the Nelson Avenue Special Events Bus Stand in East Perth. Parry and Rosenthal Architects, a local Perth architectural business, played a crucial role in the design process by collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders and assisting Melbourne architectural firm Denton Corker Marshall with the creation of the new Swan River pedestrian bridge. These organizations included the Western Australia Planning Commission, Swan River Trust, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, the City of Perth, and the City of Perth.

The goal of the complicated requirement was to provide superb and cutting-edge urban architecture that captures Perth’s “feeling of place” and serves as a magnificent entrance to the brand-new Burswood Stadium. The new pedestrian bridge’s design provides a high degree of pedestrian facilities. 

The new pedestrian bridge offers a distinctive personality, a structurally expressive shape, and tasteful proportions and scale as a public monument. The experience of crossing the bridge is safe and memorable and offers universal accessibility for all ranges of mobility. It was designed to be welcoming to both walkers and bicycles.

Southern Seawater Desalination Plant, Binningup

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View of visitor’s centre block_ ©
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Aerial View of Desalination plant_ ©
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View of Desalination plant building _©

This project involves Parry and Rosenthal architects for the master planning, design, and documentation of all plant buildings. A major goal of this project, in addition to creating an effective and well-designed plant, was to seamlessly integrate it into the stunning coastal setting 150 km south of Perth. A former quarry is where the new factory is situated.

To reduce the plant footprint, a clustered layout is used in the design. It makes use of materials that are affordable, strong, and successfully integrate into the surroundings. The entire space is lit and ventilated naturally. Despite the buildings’ size, their plain, cubic shapes and colour reduce their influence on the environment and sense of scale.

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary College, Baldivis

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View of Primary block _©
Parry and Rosenthal Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet
Aerial View of the campus _©

A restricted design competition for the new Mother Teresa Catholic College in Baldivis, Western Australia, was won by Parry and Rosenthal Architects in September 2011. On a newly developed property, the new K–12 campus has campuses for the Senior School, Church, and Primary School. 

The major campus is organized around a central court, which serves as the school’s beating heart. Buildings arc around the court’s perimeter, giving the campus a straightforward and unambiguous hierarchy. All learning spaces are oriented to maximize passive solar benefits and collect breezes, which reduces overall energy demand when combined with the thermal mass of the rammed limestone walls.

Rammed limestone walls, zinc and wood cladding, and steelwork are the only materials used, creating an energy-efficient and distinctive look with low ongoing maintenance costs.

Performing Arts Theatre, All Saints’ College

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Outdoor View of the theatre _©
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Interior View of the auditorium _©

Parry and Rosenthal Architects was hired to create a new performing arts theatre for All Saints’ College in Bull Creek, Western Australia after they won a small design competition. The building is situated such that the community may reach it after hours on the perimeter of the campus. It has a southern opening to maximize diffuse natural light and is hidden by stone-blade walls along the west side of the road.

The auditorium is the centre of the structure. The acoustic design, as well as the demands for unobstructed audience sightlines, adaptable stage configurations, and the desire for intimacy and quality, all influence how it is formed. The theatre is regarded as one of the top performing arts centres in Western Australia and is used for rehearsals, recordings, and performances by renowned musicians from across the world as well as by members of the local community and symphony orchestras.

Cobre Panama Mine, Central America

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Aerial View of the Panama Mine _©

The Cobre Panama Project is a $6+ billion mining undertaking run by Minera Panama SA in Panama, Central America (MPSA). Almost 350,000 tonnes of the copper concentrate may be produced there a year, according to plans. It consists of a port facility on Panama‘s northern coast, 150 kilometres from Panama City, a 300 MW coal-fired power plant, and a mining and processing complex 22 kilometres inland.

Over 30 structures on the Port and Mine sites were planned and recorded by Parry and Rosenthal Architects. The new Port and Mine Administration buildings, the Visitor Center, and a variety of warehouses, workshops, plant labs, security, and amenity facilities are among the construction projects.

The site’s remoteness, extreme abrasiveness, and extensive rainforest cover, along with the tropical climate’s high amounts of precipitation, high humidity, and consistently warm temperatures, provide several engineering design issues.

Mount Henry Bridge, Salter Point

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Twin Tapered columns of Mount Henry Bridge _©

Parry and Rosenthal Architects formed an integral part of the project team, providing design input into creating a new structure that complements the existing bridge without resorting to mimicry of form. The original structure is embraced by the new bridge’s delicate lines without being overpowered, and the bridge piers have a strikingly distinctive architectural aspect. The new traffic bridge has an underslung cantilevered dual-use route and a superstructure made of progressively launched pre-stressed reinforced concrete box girders. The current bridge’s distinctive shape is enhanced by the superstructure. Twin columns with a tapering chamfered shape are used to build the piers so that they will line with the piers of the existing bridges.

The project is a recipient of awards in categories of various Bridge construction and Sustainable Design 

Star Track Express Distribution Centre, Perth Airport

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Distribution centre of Perth Airport _©
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Distribution centre of Perth Airport _ ©
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Interior View Distribution centre of Perth Airport _©

To make operations for Star Track Express easier, the Star Track Express Distribution Warehouse and Office complex at Perth Airport, Western Australia, was built to stringent functional specifications for truck access, loading, docking, internal storage, and racking systems.

The building projects a dynamic image for the company by implementing a sleek, mono-pitch roof and sloping wall cladding with sweeping overhangs that also facilitate protected natural cross ventilation. Not only did the design meet the vital functionality and efficiency required for a distribution warehouse.

Dalyellup College, Dalyellup

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Outdoor View Dallyellup College _©
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Indoor View Dallyellup College _ ©

Dalyellup College campus in Western Australia has undergone stage 2 growth, changing from a middle school to a complete Secondary College that can accommodate students in grades 7 through 12. Stage 2 includes a brand-new, cutting-edge Technology and Enterprise Center, eight brand-new science labs, a Year 9 Learning Community, a Senior School Learning Center, a staff common area, a health and fitness centre, a tiered auditorium, a large central courtyard, two parking spaces, three hard courts, a new hockey field, an upgrade to the current administration building, and the transformation of existing spaces into new visual arts and media learning spaces.

Police Station and Courthouse, Harvey

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View of Harvey police station and courthouse  _©

The new Police Station and Courthouse were designed as two independent but connected structures with unique entry statements for each use. The bigger structure unifies police operations and detention facilities and is meticulously built to fit within the setting of the current cityscape. The front of the building, facing the street, is where the operational and public activities are situated. The remaining facilities are in the back, with access to the police car parking area. The courtroom and administrative justice operations are housed in the smaller structure. 

The use of natural construction materials, such as limestone blocks and timber, highlights the civic nature of the structures and their rural setting. The design makes use of this area’s regional dialect.

Senior Learning Centre, La Salle College

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Double atrium space in Senior Learning center _ ©

The new Senior Learning Center at La Salle College in Middle Swan, Western Australia,  This unique learning environment fosters student pride, leadership, and ownership. The layout offers several creative, adaptable areas for study and interpersonal contact between students and teachers. The new Senior Learning Center has breakout spaces for both solitary and group study, as well as multifunctional learning spaces and a learning lounge. Large groups can be formally taught in a lecture hall with tiers, whereas smaller spaces provide more personalized group instruction. The old peripheral spaces have been opened up and transformed into multifunctional learning areas with characteristic open and transparent detailing, which improves the sense of clarity and readability.

Covered Area, Irene McCormack College

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Covered area view _ ©

The covered area of Irene McCormack Catholic college in Western Australia is an economical and naturally ventilated structure that can accommodate 1800 users. The main objective of the roof area considerations was to protect the area between the existing learning blocks, and where assemblies take place getting exposed to harsh climatic conditions. The designed structure is completely fabricated and shop-finished. Slender high tensile steel columns, curved steel trusses, and Teflon fabric were used in construction and installation to achieve high durability and finish. 

Gymnasium, La Salle College

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View from the oval _©

La Salle College in Middle Swan, Western Australia, has added a new gymnasium that has two full-sized courts, change rooms, classrooms, a storeroom, and teacher prep facilities. It is situated next to the school’s existing hard courts and field. With its doors wide open, the sports hall connects immediately to the oval on one side and to the outdoor hard courts on the other. 

Recipient of multiple awards from the Australian Institute of Architects and Master Builders Excellence in Construction, the structure is made to be adaptable, naturally illuminated, naturally ventilated, quiet, welcoming, and inspirational. To keep the building cool and reduce glare, large vertical lift doors, high-level and corner windows, louvres, overhanging roofs, and cantilevering sunshades are offered. 

Great Eastern Highway-Roe Highway Interchange.

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Highway interchange junction _©

The Highway Interchange designed by the team is a three-bay road network and an independent bridge over rail designed in western Australia that enables Roe Highway traffic to flow freely over the Great Eastern highway by cutting down the traffic and connecting networks in all directions. 

For residents of Western Australia as well as tourists, the new Great Eastern Highway-Roe Highway intersection makes a strong visual statement. A vivid entrance from the east and an iconic facility for the Hills and Midland are provided by the colourful artwork painted on bridge abutments and noise barriers by artist Anne Neil. In order to honour Western Australia’s reputation as the state of wildflowers, the artist’s goal for the project was to design a gateway statement for the Perth metropolitan region.

North Coogee Shoreline Pedestrian Bridge

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Aerial view of Pedestrian Bridge _©

The proposed pedestrian bridge at North Coogee crosses the current Fremantle freight rail line to connect the multi-residential development to the coastline, adding to Landcorp’s comprehensive vision for the Cockburn Coast and the Robb Jetty region.

A loop ramp rising from the civic area on the east, a linear bridge over the rail corridor, and a sweeping curve ramp leading south to the seafront on the west allow for constant interaction between walkers and bicycles and the coastal environment and the activities taking place below. Accessibility, security, and safety were all top objectives while designing the structure.

Yalgoo Community + Youth Centre

Parry and Rosenthal Architects- 15 Iconic Projects - Sheet22
Blocks aligned to form an internal Courtyard _ ©
Floor Plan of the Youth Centre _ ©

Yalgoo Community + Youth Centre is a community-driven project on Campbell Street in Western Australia. The project is known for its close interaction with the design team and the shire of Yagloo to derive design requirements and facilities that establish key relationships between the community and spaces. The main objective for the design team during the design process was to minimize the cost, and maintenance and yet optimize the light and ventilation keeping in mind to make the centre accessible to the local residents effortlessly. 

The site conditions demanded the structure to be elevated by 500mm from the natural ground level to protect it from flooding. The spaces are split into three blocks and aligned to face each other and form an internal courtyard. This brings in the sense of visual and physical connectivity among the users in the space. The use of rammed earth walls is a smart approach to use local materials and as well cut down the maintenance costs while also addressing the thermal effects of the building. 


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