Sudhakar Pai Associates or SPA, practicing Interdisciplinary areas, are for more than two decades(est. 2000) in the field while being rooted in Bengaluru, India. With talented professionals, the firm majorly focuses on the contemporary and modern ideas of Architecture and Design. Pai and the teams’ vision not only incorporated simplistic, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing designs but was sensitive to the client’s requirements, budget, and trust as well. The belief of being a ‘WE’ rather than an ‘I’ team have made them achieve award-winning IT campuses, Retail malls, Industrial, Institutional, Office buildings, and Residential developments.

Ar. Sudhakar Pai is the founder and foundation of the firm, who even worked under the guidance of Charles Correa. 

Education: B.Arch.(Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai), M.Arch.(UCLA, USA).

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet1
Sudhakar Pai Associates_©

1. Prayoga Institute of Education Research

Project Area: 24,000 sq ft.
Location: Off Kanakapura, Bangalore
Client: Parayoga Education Research Centre
Type: Institutional
Status: Ongoing 

Prayoga Institute of Education Research is a facility where young students, teachers, academicians, and researchers, fearlessly explore their fields while breaking barriers in their minds. The structure’s facilities will inspire the students toward great discoveries, developments, and innovations. An inspirational and thought-provoking place was given as a brief by the client to the Sudhakar Pai Associates. After probing the idea that inspired it, the SPA came out with a concoction of ‘Architecture and Mathematics’ as the main idea. The famous ‘Fibonacci or Golden spiral principle’(Image 2) was the concept, while nature was the ally on the site. It incorporated a central, open-to-sky amphitheater opening to misty-Hilux, with a temple at the top, and acted as a focal element on the site. The serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, provided world-class amenities and utilities such as multi-disciplinary learning spaces, Libraries, Teacher Development Centre, Conferencing, and up-to-date Labs. Other than that, the provision of the grand entrance(Image 3), different use of techniques and materials(Image 4), and landscaping kept the focus on the intent of the design.

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet2
Prayoga’s plan relating Fibonacci principle_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet3
Entrance of the institute_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet4
Play of materials and techniques_©

2. Ananya – Merck

Project Area: 2,00,000 sq ft.
Location: Electronic City, Banglore
Client: M/s Ananya Software
Type: Office
Status: Unbuilt

Ananya—Merck is a commercial building with a distinctive play of different angels on the external facades by Sudhakar Pai Associates. The seven-story structure consists of two blocks, separated and connected by a common vertical core. However, the blocks slide into an avant-garde disposition by a sweeping roof(Figure 5) form that starts from the ground level and covers the double-height reception(Figure 6) also. According to the tropical environment of Bengaluru, the building has oriented in the best way. The western façade or front elevation comprises vertical, opaque, and asymmetrical fins(Figure 7) on each floor, unequal distance to cut down the heat at huge glazings. Whereas, for the minimum entrance of glare and heat, the openings were kept smaller in the South. SPA’s vision helped blend the structure in the hub of IT’s(Information Technology) environment, the Electronic city.

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet5
Front elevation_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet6
Double-height reception_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet7
Assymetrical fins on each floor_©

3. Informatica

Project Area: 64,000 sq ft.
Location: Bagmane Tech Park, CV Raman Nagar, Bengaluru
Client: M/s. Informatica Business Solutions
Type: Interior Design
Status: Built (2016)

Informatica, the only leader, and enterprise for Cloud Data Management accelerates data-driven digital transformation. DATA(Do good, Act as a team, Think customer-first and Aspire and innovate) is a commitment always followed by the company. A similar vision was being embodied by Sudhakar Pai Associates in the Interior project. On one side, the external view provides a peaceful environment through lakes and rivers nearby. On the other, the play of subtle and colorful swatches balanced the interiors. The ‘Tiger-orange’ shade, present in Informatica’s logo, was used throughout the space, from ceilings to walls to even rugs, for better collaborations. The exposed ceilings with varied shapes of suspended lights, white and grey shades of paint, and exposed ducts, helped the employees to enjoy the openness of the space. SPA majorly divided the place into three zones; Public(Reception(Figure 8) and workstations), Semi-private (Semi-open cubicles), and Private(Conference and higher-authority rooms), however the cozy-curved couches, kitchen, and other activity zones, helped in socializing. In an innovative environment, where curiosity and learning are always at peak level, sound-proofing materials like vertical panels(Figure 9), carpets(Figure 9), and wooden flooring(Figure 10) allow for better communication.  

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet8
Cantilevered Reception zone_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet9
Colorful workstations_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet10
Social spaces and wooden flooring_©

4. Sattva Galleria

Project Area: 20,000 sq ft.
Location: Hebbal, Bangalore
Client: M/s Sattva Group
Type: Retail
Status: Built (2018)

Sattva Galleria acts as an Office cum Retail(ORC) building and holds the accolade of LEED Gold certification. Sudhakar Pai Associates(SPA) started the project in 2009, and it took almost a decade to complete the building, which lies equidistant from the city center and KempeGowda International Airport. Efficient and sensitive to its surroundings, the structure acted as a piece of Iconic Architecture that reflected the city in spirit. The building program (Figure 11) aimed at a Mixed-use format with lower floors for retail spaces and office zones on the upper floors. The simplistic, functional, and responsive building approach on a trapezoidal site was best for usability and orientation. The rectilinear floor plates with triangular extensions for circulation and services made the built form a ‘Sailing ship’(Figure 12) metaphorically. The role of brise soleil was efficiently played by the solar shading ‘sails’ to cut the harsh western sunlight and even contributed northern sunlight in workspaces indirectly through inner walls. The alternate use of glazing in slits(Figure 13) and High-Pressure Laminate(HPL) claddings created harmony in aesthetics and ‘light and shadow’ for the structure. Also, minimizing harsh light on the west and south and maximizing light on the northern façade retained Bengaluru’s reputation as “The Garden city”. Materials and techniques(Figure 14), such as Ceramic fritted glass, double-glazed units, and HPL panels, helped reduce the heat, noise, and energy costs. Being next to a heavy-traffic national highway, Sudhakar Pai Associates still designed a well-lit and quiet indoor environment. 

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet11
Four stages of building development_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet12
’Sailing ship’ concept_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet13
Fins or slits’ arrangement_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet14
Material and techniques used in building_©

5. BREN Celestia

Project Area: 40,800 sq ft.
Location: Sarjapur, Bangalore
Client: M/s Bren Corporation
Type: Residential
Status: Built (2015)

BREN Celestia, a premium housing project designed by Sudhakar Pai Associates lies in a prime location and connects all the major points of Bengaluru. The lavish lifestyle, amenities, and healthy surroundings are near the site, such as hospitals, recreational areas, schools, public gardens, and other infrastructures. The master plan of the site planned for variable 2BHK and 3BHK apartments comprising space with proper ventilation(Figure 15) at every corner of the house. Furthermore, a comfortable and luxurious environment is provided to the society like a landscape garden, indoor games, health facilities, gymnasium, swimming pool(Figure 16), clubhouse(Figure 17), meditation hall, multipurpose hall, and services. In interiors, beauty got reflected through designer floor tiles, granite kitchen counter slabs, modern sanitary fittings in washrooms, and huge windows in rooms for proper ventilation and light. The medium-rise housing project has helped fulfill all requirements that a community requires.

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet15
Ventilation areas next to every unit_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet16
Entrance of Clubhouse_©

6. Capgemini – Cloud and Edge

Project Area: 0.5 Million sq ft.
Location: Salarpuria South Gate, Electronics City, Bangalore, Karnataka
Client: Salarpuria Sattva
Type: Interior Design
Status: Built (2021)

Capgemini—Cloud, and Edge, as shows a link between technology and the future, similarly, Sudhakar Pai Associates(SPA) designed a space that welcomed the people to the future. The building lies in the IT (Information Technology) the hub of Bengaluru and specializes in cloud, data, AI(Artificial Intelligence), connectivity, software, digital engineering, and other platforms. The zoning of the project was relatable to the computing process: “Endpoint, Edge, and Cloud”, where the public accessible zones(Figure 18) can be considered as ‘End point’, workstations, and cubicles(Figure 19) as ‘Edge’, and the core of the space i.e. Confidential rooms(Figure 20) as the ‘Cloud’. Different patterns on the ceiling, high luminance from light sources, and design on walls lead the structure into a futuristic approach. The shades of blue are repeated consistently throughout the project to keep it connected with the colors of the firm’s logo. Whereas, the darker tones in furniture, carpets, and ceiling not only made the place aesthetically pleasing but acted as a sound-absorbing feature as well. 

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet17
Entrance and lobbies as accessible zones_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet18
Angular arranged workstations_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet19
Confidential or Conference rooms_©

7. TCS- IT Sez software campus

Project Area: 12,83,700 sq ft.
Location: Infopark at Kochi, Kerala
Client: Tata Consultancy Services
Type: Office
Status: Built (2014)

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) – IT Sez software campus is in Phase 1 of the Information technology park. The buildings’ architect, Sudhakar Pai Associates constructed two towers with each block of 14 floors and blended them into the MNC’s culture in the surroundings. The building gets noticed from transit routes while being enveloped within the foliage due to the rigid structure and protruding elements. The Southern façade(Figure 21) with glazing was blocked through the alternate-horizontal fins on each floor, as partial obstructions and the huge balconies(Longitudinal and Square shapes) provided shade to the interiors. However, the other three faces had bigger openings for better natural light and ventilation. Double-height entrance and corridors(Figure 22), Detailed jali panels, and beautiful landscaping(Figure 23) are the external luxuries of the building, whereas facilities like the gym, cafeteria, and library, connected to offices on each floor, are the internal ones. Keeping it simplistic by maximum use of PVC panels and glass, on the facade and natural stones(granite) for flooring, a great value was added.  

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet20
Southern façade of TCS building_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet21
Double-height corridors with play of materials_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet22
Relation between Built and Unbuilt environment_©


Project Area: 1,35,000 sq ft.
Location: Bennerghatta road, Bangalore
Type: Institutional
Status: Built (2007)

Greenwood High International School, nestled in the calm, serene surroundings of the Green Belt of Bangalore, has a cluster of verdant courts. Designed and built by Sudhakar Pai Associates on a naturally contoured site(Figure 24) molded to blend in learning spaces, the school split into two levels. One level houses the younger kids close to the administrative building, and the other level forms the higher classes. The space(Figure 25) between these two sets of buildings is where the synergy happens. The intervening areas between the Cafeteria, Auditorium, and the QUAD, with balconies and corridors, connect at every step visually and spatially. The classrooms lead to the Sports Complex designed to international standards, with housing, multiple courts, a swimming pool, and a green football pitch(Figure 26). All of the spaces connected by one design language swept through the landscape of the school, which in itself speaks to nature.

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet23
Greenwood High International School_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet24
Internal courtyards interconnecting building_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet25
Football pitch and seatings_©

9. Akamai

Project Area: 60,000 sq ft.
Location: B-Block, Salarpuria Softzone, Bangalore
Client: M/s. Akamai Technologies
Type: Interior Design
Status: Built(2013)

Akamai, with the world’s most distributed computing program—from cloud to edge, was designed by Sudhakar Pai Associates. Maintaining the concept of Information Technology’s hub, SPA provided some main features for a comfortable, collaborative, and confident environment. These include exposed ceilings with criss-cross steel sections(Figure 27), exposed ducts, partitions(Figure 28) between workstations and corridors, and social spaces(Figure 29). Moreover, the serene light tone on walls and floors with the grey-colored ceiling contrasted the place.

Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet26
Criss-cross sections in exposed ceiling_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet27
Transparent partitions between workstation and lobby_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet28
Social space covered with wooden planks_©


Location: Electronic city, Bengaluru
Client: Azim Premji
Type: Office
Status: Built

WIPRO, an Electronic city software campus, was designed by Sudhakar Pai Associates(SPA), to provide a ‘flagship facility’ by breaking the traditional aspects. Inspired by the “Resort architectural design”(Figure 30), the focus was to move toward a high-tech green, progressive, and sensitive organization. While taking International priority, with the public buildings of a cafeteria, learning, recreation, and information as a central stage, the environment became better. The contemporary and employee-centric campus helped to cater aspirations, comfort, and pride of the new-age employees with a better working environment. Thereby lifting productivity, retrieving monotony of the job, and bringing down the ratio of attribution in the organization. Six built-up spaces on the site include a Learning Center, Software blocks, Information center, Cafeteria, Recreation block, and Service zone, interconnected by pathways, ponds(Figure 31), and greenscape. Strategically placed, “stone walls” and roof elements form the traditional outdoor spaces of courts and landscape that connect the functional requirements of the building. The double-height dining space(Figure 32) visually connecting the two levels and the extensive use of glass were the highlights of the interiors.  

WIPRO followed by ‘Resort’ concept_©
Sudhakar Pai Associates- 10 Iconic Projects  - Sheet30
Relation between built space and water element_©
Double-height dining space_©


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Anmol Billa is an architect by profession, but he is also a student with a thirst for knowledge. He portrays architecture as a synthesis of art and technology, with a primary focus on the needs of the community. He enjoys upgrading himself regularly by carefully analyzing numerous parameters ranging from context to culture, origins to contemporary life, and accessibility to sustainability. "If my design fails to bring betterment and connectedness to society, I fail," he says.