Operating since 1912, Birmingham based firm Davis Architects has made a name for itself in the field of design, throughout decades, with thousands of projects spreading across the States.

The firm stands today as one of the pioneers in academic facilities design, presenting highly engaging and innovative learning spaces for 21st-century scholars. However, Davis Architects’ meticulous, personalized, and human-centered approach has won the firm a great number of projects, ranging from cultural to mixed-use. 

1. BEBCO Building

BEBCO Building- Sheet1
A general overview of the building ©/https://www.dadot.com
BEBCO Building- Sheet2
BEBCO Building- Sheet3
The interiors of the office/©https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2006
Location: Birmingham, Alabama 

Home of Davis Architects, the building undertook an “ adaptive reuse” process, turning the original 1920’s electric battery company to the welcoming environment of the firm’s practice today. Embracing light into the building, the atmosphere is conveyed as the most poetic and symbolic of the ethos of the firm. Transparency, flexibility, and boldness, the project is unique in its eloquent modernity and historic value.

2. Abroms-Engel Institute of the Visual Arts

Abroms-Engel Institute of the Visual Arts- Sheet1
The exterior of the center/
Abroms-Engel Institute of the Visual Arts- Sheet2
The exterior of the entrance hall/https://www.dadot.com
Abroms-Engel Institute of the Visual Arts- Sheet3
Interior view of the lobby/https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2013
Location: Birmingham. Alabama

For one thing, the Institute of Visual Arts portrays an elegant composition of glass, bricks, and patinated zinc, setting a bold identity to the building from the first sight. Besides, the interior is designed to revolve the entirety of classrooms and art studios around a spacious lobby and atrium, orienting the visitor easily throughout the building.

3.131 Ponce

131 Ponce- Sheet1
General view from main street/ ©https://www.dadot.com
131 Ponce- Sheet2
Common sitting areas/ ©https://www.dadot.com
131 Ponce- Sheet3
Common pool/ ©https://www.dadot.com

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Complementing the existing Gulf Oil building designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei, the housing project is at the heart of the intricate urban fabric of the city. Designed to hold 280 apartments, the compound benefits from great views to the city, nearness to restaurants and services, but most importantly, opulent quality of spaces and living.

4. Birmingham Museum of Art

Birmingham Museum of Art- Sheet1
Rendered View of the proposal/ ©https://www.dadot.com
Birmingham Museum of Art- Sheet2
Rendered View of the proposal/ ©https://www.dadot.com
Birmingham Museum of Art- Sheet3
Rendered View of the proposal ©/https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2015
Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Davis architects, alongside wHY, was commissioned to study the state of the Birmingham Museum and the possibility of a new expansion and repurposing process. The museum, which undertook several construction phases, was studied thoroughly to depict the problems that needed tackling through the new proposal. Furthermore, the firm presented a new configuration of the existing spaces while suggesting a new complementing extension. 

5. Environmental Education Center

Environmental Education Center- Sheet1
Exterior view of center/ ©https://www.dadot.com
Environmental Education Center- Sheet2
Exterior view of center/ ©https://www.dadot.com
Environmental Education Center- Sheet3
Image 3. Exterior view of center/ ©https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2008
Location: Columbiana, Alabama

The project was commissioned by the Alabama 4-H center who wanted to convey their dedication to environmental learning and interest to spread awareness on environmental issues throughout the society. Needless to say, the building was set to meet the high qualifications of the LEED certification of green building design. The result is a center, located on the Lay Lake, highly influenced and shaped by the natural context, presenting a beautiful piece of architecture’s correlation with nature.

6. Workplay

Workplay- Sheet1
The exterior of the Venue ©/https://www.dadot.com
Workplay- Sheet2
The exterior of the Venue ©/https://www.dadot.com
Workplay- Sheet3
The exterior of the Venue/https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2001
Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Originally an old warehouse, the performance venue is one of the largest and best equipped in the region. Commissioned by the Hunter Brothers, the design took its inspiration from both Birmingham’s industrial heritage and the Original Globe theater in London. Through its bold character and architectural value, It exceeds its role as a music venue to become one of the best grounds on which entertainment and creativity are highly disseminated. 

7. Bessemer City High School

Bessemer City High School- Sheet1
The entrance of the School /https://www.dadot.com
Bessemer City High School- Sheet2
Exterior view of the School /©https://www.dadot.com
Bessemer City High School- Sheet3
Exterior view of the School /©https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2009
Location: Bessemer, Alabama

The main design feature of the Bessemer city high school must be its curved steel roof that hovers above an elegantly lit entrance and atrium. As the large glass windows create a welcoming entry for students each morning, the great entry hall also acts as the epicenter of the whole school, connecting the various functions present on site.

8. Alexandria Middle School

Alexandria Middle School- Sheet1
The exterior of the middle school/https://www.dadot.com
Alexandria Middle School- Sheet2
Interior of the canteen/https://www.dadot.com
Alexandria Middle School- Sheet3
Study areas/https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2018
Location: Alexandria, Alabama

The project is an addition to the Calhoun County Schools system. Regarding the new volume, it consists of 32 classrooms that are designed to be flexible and open to each tutor’s teaching methods. As for the common functions like the library, art classes, and labs, they have been placed around the central core of the new building, facilitating access from all parts of the building.

9. Trussville Civic Center

Trussville Civic Center- Sheet1
The sports Hall/https://www.dadot.com
Trussville Civic Center- Sheet2
The auditorium/https://www.dadot.com
Trussville Civic Center- Sheet3
The Exterior of the center/https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2008
Location: Trussville, Alabama

Adjacent to the Hewitt-Trussville High School, the center is conceived to improve the health and quality of life of its community. The building is a one-story structure, designed to encourage movement and activity through its engaging fitness center while also conveying welcoming spaces for events and ceremonies.

10. Hewitt-Trussville High School

Year: 2008
Location: Trussville, Alabama

Hewitt-Trussville High School- Sheet1
Overview of the school/https://www.dadot.com
Hewitt-Trussville High School- Sheet2
Interior view of the canteen/ https://www.dadot.com
Hewitt-Trussville High School- Sheet3
View from the inner courtyard of school/ ©https://www.dadot.com

Commissioned by the city of Trussville, the new high school is designed to reflect the identity of the community of Trussville, while creating a new dialogue with the Cahaba River present on site. Most significantly, the school displays a high interest in energy-saving features and efficiency. Great attention was put to maximize the use of natural lighting which resulted in agreeable atmospheres around the school.

11. N.E Miles Jewish Day School: Innovative learning Center and School Renovation

N.E Miles Jewish Day School: Innovative learning Center and School Renovation- Sheet1
Interior of Innovative learning center/https://www.dadot.com
N.E Miles Jewish Day School: Innovative learning Center and School Renovation- Sheet2
Interior of Innovative learning center/https://www.dadot.com
N.E Miles Jewish Day School: Innovative learning Center and School Renovation- Sheet3
Class with customized furniture /©https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2015
Location: Birmingham, Alabama

An example of modern-day learning environments, the renovation of N.E.Miles Jewish Day School prioritized the needs and pace of each student at the school. Customized furniture and smart use of space help with enhancing the learning experience and encouraging innovation. As for the use of bold colors and patterns, it helps with setting a fun and light mood to the whole experience.

12. Homewood Community Center

Homewood Community Center- Sheet1
Exterior view of the center/https://www.dadot.com
Homewood Community Center- Sheet2
The exterior pool/https://www.dadot.com
Homewood Community Center- Sheet3
Interior of the fitness center/https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2014
Location: Homewood, Alabama

Granted with a LEED silver certificate, the Homewood community center was designed with an environmentally friendly approach in mind. Essentially, it is intended to reflect the vibrant and active community of the city, while enhancing their quality of life and fitness practices.

13. CityWalk

CityWalk- Sheet1
View from the road/https://www.dadot.com
CityWalk- Sheet2
Common pool area/https://www.dadot.com
CityWalk- Sheet3
Night view of the building/https://www.dadot.com

Year: 2014
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

The project houses 301 apartments, divided on 4 buildings connected with courtyards, a pool, and a barbecue area. In addition, the multi-family project presents all services from fitness to leasing offices, allowing its residents to easily access all their needs from a walking distance. 

14. Beason Divinity School

Beason Divinity School- Sheet1
The exterior of Beeson Divinity school/ ©https://www.dadot.com
Beason Divinity School- Sheet2
Interior of the Chapel/ ©https://www.dadot.com
Beason Divinity School- Sheet3
View off the school from the campus park/ ©https://www.dadot.com

Year: 1993
Location: Homewood, Alabama

Commissioned by Stamford University, Beason school of Divinity was originally a dormitory built in the Georgian Colombian style, along with the rest of the campus.

For Davis architects, turning the 40-year old building into a new home for the Divinity school meant dealing with the existing structure in a new and innovative way. Floor plans were liberated from unnecessary partitions leading to a flexible and transparent sequence of spaces. In addition, the renovation of the Chapel was meticulously conducted to convey the ethos of the institution. 

The result is an interesting dialogue between classist architecture and the thoughtful additions by the firm, adding to the artistic value and symbolism of the building.

15. 1505 Demonbreun

1505 Demonbreun- Sheet1
Overview of the project/https://www.dadot.com
1505 Demonbreun- Sheet2
A closeup on the Facade/https://www.dadot.com
1505 Demonbreun- Sheet3

Year: 2015
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Benefitting from its location at the heart of the city, the 1505 Demonbreun residential project overlooks amazing views of the Nashville skyline and cityscape. Besides, the apartments are designed on high-quality living standards, presenting all amenities of entertainment and retail to its residents on the common upper floors. 


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