Located in one of the most prime area of Nashik, Maharashtra. We designed this office space for options master trading pvt.ltd.

Project Type: Office Interior
Project Name:  Office with the Hues of Tangerines.
Location: Nashik Maharashtra
Google Location of the Project: Shraddha mall, College Road Nashik.422001
Year Built: 2023
Duration of the project:  4 months
Project Size (in sq. ft.):  1325 Sq.ft
Project Cost (approx.): 16 Lakh
Principal Architect(s) / Designer(s): Ar. Aditya S. Bhosale
Drawings: Plans, Sections, Elevations and Unique details of the project according to you.

House with the hues of Tangerines by Aditya Bhosale Architects - Sheet5
©Aditya Bhosale Architects
  • Challenges

A compact linear footprint of 5m x 26m ( 1400 sq.ft)  in an old commercial building had it own set of challenges such as leakages, low ceilings with 2ft.beam depth, no light and ventilation, undulation in walls, asymmetrical ceiling, old electrical layout and many more.

House with the hues of Tangerines by Aditya Bhosale Architects - Sheet7
©Aditya Bhosale Architects

There were 6 area requirements listed from the client namely-

  1. MD cabin (from where he can watch everyone working.
  2. Workstation– a space had to cater 72 individuals with their belongings.
  3. Shoe rack – need to cater 72-75 shoe. 4. Storage + display cum library area
  4. Reception and Toilets.
  • Design strategies –

In a very compact layout with so many requirements we tried to use every inch of space smartly as well as efficiently and so the design approach lead to the shape of furniture being proposed as per circulation. A Neutral color scheme with pops of color representing modernity to the space. The design is simple and practical, catering to the client’s needs.

House with the hues of Tangerines by Aditya Bhosale Architects - Sheet8
©Aditya Bhosale Architects


The heart of the office is its centralized work station area. A well designed working environment impacts employees’ creativity, productivity and health so it is designed considering the neutral color theme i.e. (in the combination white and grey and enhanced by the pops of the orange.)


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