The new restaurant by FADD Architects in the Vomero unites a New York atmosphere with orien- tal street food. The Neapolitan firm FADD Architects signs off the project of the new noodle bar Staj, which is in the Vomero district of Naples and entirely dedicated to oriental cuisine.

Project Name: STAJ Napoli
DESIGN TEAM: Marco Acri, Fabrizio Fasolino, Antonio Di Foggia
Location: Napoli (Vomero), via Bernini 87A
Area: 100 mq
Year: 2021
Furniture and lighting: Flos, Seletti, Calligaris, Pedrali, Bose
Photo: ©Carlo Oriente

STAJ Napoli Noodle Bar By FADD Architects - Sheet1
©Carlo Oriente

Previously a typical Neapolitan restaurant, the renovation project was inspired by the space’s own characteristics: a regular plan, high ceilings and four great windows on the front, which confer great brightness.

The main choice was that of dividing the space, but to not use a wall to do so. So the choice fell on dividing the space resorting to non-invasive architectural elements, and on guaranteeing both privacy and a global perception at the same time.

STAJ Napoli Noodle Bar By FADD Architects - Sheet5
©Carlo Oriente

The architects explain that “Moving the access to the central area to the right side, we found inspiration in the informal New York mood, both formally, with the integration of two cast iron columns dating back to the beginning of the 1900s that add movement to the space, and func- tionally, in this way the space can be enjoyed at any time of the day”.

Answering the client’s request, the space’s sectioning was reduced from three parts to two, fol- lowing the desire to have a semi-independent entrance area and the restaurant area in the same section as the outdoor space. Especially in summer, this allows for inside/outside continuity thanks to the open windows.

STAJ Napoli Noodle Bar By FADD Architects - Sheet7
©Carlo Oriente

The entrance, which hosts the custom made wooden bar and display rack, is defined by a black and white marble checked floor and by walls covered in sage-green panelling.

Going up three steps you access the main room, again with sage-green walls enhanced by Flos Camouflage lamps, it is characterised by wood flooring. The custom made furniture, uses small sofas both to reinforce the informal character of the space and to make better use of it.

STAJ Napoli Noodle Bar By FADD Architects - Sheet8
©Carlo Oriente

The kitchen can be seen from a tape window, similar in style to the windows at the front. Lastly, the toilets, which are accessed from the main room, show a minimal and iconic style, with the input of Seletti furnishing accessories.

Staj is an informal location with an international feel and unites a retro taste with trendy design.


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