Coutloot E-commerce office is a quirky, innovative and contemporary design. A 3500 sq.ft E-commerce driven office inspired by the working ethics of young 20 something start up bugs who only know to dream big. The brief was to refurbish an existing corporate set up into a non-hierarchical open office space filled with quirky thinking and inspired zest to work.

Project Name: Coutloot
Studio Name: Morpheus Design
Photographer credits: Aniruddh Kothari

©️Aniruddh Kothari

The brief consisted of open working space for IT, marketing and sourcing staff of 38 staff (present + future),  photo-shoot / coffee table space, an informal spill out space, a conference room, 2 cabins (H.R. + Accounts), an inventory for storing clothes and accessories, an operations, ironing & store room, pantry, lunchroom & toilets.

Understanding the working system of this dynamic office, a case study was done of the client’s existing office after which we designed an open working space & photo shoot cum brainstorming areas, along with 3 livid colored wing chairs denoting the 3 curators/owners of the business. Break free quotes on walls, a green wall to add softness, vanity mirror, bar seating, informal and coffee table seating are the elements designed after studying the work culture & requirement of this young office.

©️Aniruddh Kothari

The big idea however was, to keep the furniture dismantlable, elegant & simple! To add a pinch of quirk the design plays with the livid color block carpet flooring inspired from panache fashion this office is driven by. As the clients are young entrepreneurs, along with the requirement brief, they also had a budget constraint which was the challenge of the entire project since it is a leased space.

The refurbishment of the existing place with monotone flooring & typical office desks, simple reception was broken down to design operations & store & a part partition was extruded for their inventory of clothes. The color palate revolves around the hues of blue, livid & grey and breaking them into colors of red, orange & yellow seen in the entrance wall & flooring.

©️Aniruddh Kothari

The tables were customised with M.S. stand & pre-fabricated with MDF wood & white veneer. The photoshoot area is segregated with white laminate flooring & blue blinds in case of privacy requirement. For the I.T. bugs, blue glass boards are installed in cabins for their coding sessions, a bar of 3 follows threw the existing circular column & cushioned seating were fabricated for the platform seating along the window.

Walnut wood is used for the custom-made coffee table & centre table in the photoshoot zone with livid colored coffee pouf ottoman. High white Eames chair is used for the bar counter & black Eames chair are used in the lunchroom with Moroccan print wallpaper. The arrival entrance brings the wow factor with bunks borrow red wallpaper inspired from the branding of the company, which further transforms into livid on the main wall seen from any area of the office.

©️Aniruddh Kothari

Subtle geometric patterns flow in the flooring, triangulated wallpaper, triangular jaali film on the semi glass partition of the inventory & the cross pattern in the table stands. The project was meticulously completed in 2 months from vision to real giving an extra ordinary result which satisfied the brief, budget & the end user. Among the corporate set up of Mindspace area in Malad, sits this inspired workspace of Coutloot.


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