This is a home grown design for AtWorks group of workspaces. We work out of one of their spaces and have come to understand in depth how they function . Different Professionals Develop their companies alongside each other. This space in particular is meant for growing teams with more than 8-10 members. Their first building next door,houses the more independent co workers.

Location : Chennai,India
Area: 4200 SFT
Category: Interiors, Workspace
Status: Completed
Year : 2018

Artworks OMR By Drawing Hands - Sheet7Artworks OMR By Drawing Hands - Sheet6More than spatial design, it is the experience of learning from one another and sometimes finding prospective clients amongst friends that stand out more. The planning accommodates almost 90 members, with convenient discussion rooms, call/printer rooms to facilitate work.

Artworks OMR By Drawing Hands - Sheet5Artworks OMR By Drawing Hands - Sheet4One of the features we’ve incorporated is mirrored glass walls on either side of the walkway. This creates an illusion of an infinite expanse , also making the space feel larger. The glass and gypsum walls have been deliberately left untreated. The space is meant to grow and develop over the years according to the users taste.

Shruti Omprakash

Shruti Omprakash is Founder and Principal Architect of Drawing Hands Studio. She is an architect based in Chennai and comes with over 6 years of work experience in various typologies. She graduated with an MSc. in Architecture and Urban Design from The Berlage, TU Delft, The Netherlands and holds a bachelors in Architecture from MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai, India. She is also a writer and has contributed articles to Architectural Digest India. She enjoys designing work environments and related furniture, in particular as that is the space where most of us spend about 8-10 hours a day. It is important that the space aids in nourishing and stimulating one’s well-being. She envisions Drawing Hands as a platform for creative collaborative work.

Drawing Hands Studio

Drawing Hands Studio is a design practice begun in 2015 in Chennai, India.

It has been initiated at a time when many such young, like-minded architects and designers in the city are looking to make a difference to their environment. Minimal and context – driven design defines our approach. Functional aesthetics,  addressing multiple challenges with a single relevant solution is what we aim to achieve through design. We let ourselves evolve and allow the context to generate the design that makes the most sense for the specific scenario. We deal with architecture, interiors and furniture design.


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