The design encapsulates a philosophy that values minimalistic and practical approach, ensuring that every aspect serves a purpose and contributes to the overall narrative. Inspired by the client’s core beliefs and operational methods, each component, whether it’s the carefully selected furniture or the meticulously chosen artwork, serves as a reflection of their professional identity.

Project Name: 1009
Studio Name: Salt Studio
Principal Architect: Ar. Anish Ramani
Project Location:  Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Completion: November, 2023
Built Area: 1200 Sq. Ft.
Photography Credits: Pritesh Pokiya (Karyalay by varta)
Write up Credits: Id. Kripa Ramani

1009 by Salt Studio-Sheet2
©Pritesh Pokiya

The design harmoniously integrates these elements to create an environment that not only meets functional needs but also communicates the essence and values of the client’s profession via thoughtful details.

1009 by Salt Studio-Sheet3
©Pritesh Pokiya

As you enter the space, you are greeted by paintings that illustrate a journey captured through the art of inking. Our endeavour was to portray the evolution of the land across time, showcasing its transformation from scattered farmlands into a cohesive neighbourhood community. Each artwork is a testament to this metamorphosis, capturing the gradual progression and development that has shaped the area into a vibrant and interconnected community.

1009 by Salt Studio-Sheet6
©Pritesh Pokiya

In addition to these paintings, the carefully selected light fixtures play a crucial role in enhancing the environment of the space. They contribute to the drama and ambiance, further emphasizing the artworks. Together, these elements not only offer a visual representation but also weave a compelling story.

1009 by Salt Studio-Sheet8
©Pritesh Pokiya

The overall project outcome combines the use of white oak wood that adds the warmth and a natural feel, contrasting with the sleekness of metal accents in furniture pieces that provide a contemporary touch. Customized light fixtures not only enhance the space aesthetically but also contribute to its functionality by creating ambiance and focal points.

1009 by Salt Studio-Sheet10
©Pritesh Pokiya

The neutral colour palette ties everything together, ensuring a timeless and calming atmosphere conducive to productivity and creativity. Together, these design choices result in an office space that is both visually appealing and functional, reflecting a thoughtful and deliberate approach to modern minimalistic office design.


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