Every design element is a result of the needs of the end-users – its inhabitants. The interiors of this pre-owned luxury car showroom greatly enhance the experience of buying a car, starting from browsing cars placed under zestful dynamic lighting showcasing them as pieces of art to having discussions about your purchase in immersive and inviting customer lounges and finally taking the purchase home in high spirits, Sitting at the commercial heart of the city, ARJ select is actually half the area (2470 sqft) of an existing Vespa dealership converted into a pre-owned luxury car showroom, both businesses run by a common owner and office space positioned at mezzanine level.

Project Name: ARJ select – Pre Owned Luxury Car Showroom
Studio Name: Design & Decor lab

ARJ select - Pre Owned Luxury Car Showroom by Design & Decor lab - Sheet4
ⒸDesign & Decor lab

A central partition consisting of individual mobile units ensures a clear distinction between the existing showroom and the newly designed space whilst still maintaining a sense of continuity and connection. These individual units are metal structures with randomly placed wooden boxes throughout , mixed with a tinge of greenery to cut through the bulkiness of the entire structure.

The sculptural lighting forming a sinusoidal wave hangs above the display area to bring out the beauty of luxury cars and establishes a sense of exclusivity which creates a solid first impression on its customers and ultimately drives sales.

ARJ select - Pre Owned Luxury Car Showroom by Design & Decor lab - Sheet6
ⒸDesign & Decor lab

The planning is carefully done in collaboration with the dealership owners to accommodate practical operation of the showroom while also reinforcing the majestic and impactful appearance. Key spatial considerations are — a display area proportionate to the number of cars which ensures the ease of being able to move cars in and out of the showroom, a client area with seating lounge and discussion counter corroborating human connections with visitors and a passage acting as a transition space between those two. This passage is enhanced by solid wood longitudinal members hanging on the ceiling combined with linear lights scattered within created gaps.

The office plan on the mezzanine floor consists of the boss’s cabin , a workstation area, a meeting room and a waiting area. For the boss’s cabin, the client indicated their inclination towards classical interior aesthetics, which inspired us to give a traditional language to the furniture and wall treatments.

ARJ select - Pre Owned Luxury Car Showroom by Design & Decor lab - Sheet9
ⒸDesign & Decor lab

The client area has a customer lounge adjacent to the floor manager’s cabin , the opted design style and furniture here accentuates mid century meets industrial with bold clean lines , rustic textures and classic colours. A discussion counter in beautiful black Italian marble accompanied by full-back seating stools not only acts as a focal point aesthetically but also serves as functionality of a meeting area.

The choice of materials aimed to endorse certain brand values based on the client’s brief, key words being – “hues of grey or black, natural wood and plants”. The overall theme creates an environment that advertises a lifestyle, showcases cars as a piece of art and offers its inhabitants a functional yet alluring retail experience.


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