The refurbishment of Cardno’s APAC North Headquarters has delivered cultural and physical change. The journey began with the application of a strong planning overlay that served to underpin the emergence of a new synergy within the organisation, united by a shared mission, culture and spirit.

Project Name: Cardno APAC Headquarters
Studio Name: Cox Architecture
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones
Project size: 4800
Completion date: 2017

Cardno APAC Headquarters by Cox Architecture - Sheet1
View of pantry ©Christopher Frederick Jones

Designed to better connect their diverse business units, a master-planning approach was applied to the arrangement of the workplace – creating a Cardno Community.

Cardno APAC Headquarters by Cox Architecture - Sheet2
Allied Space ©Christopher Frederick Jones

The welcome space has become a bustling ‘town hall’ creating opportunities for Cardno to gather as an organisation and showcase their work to both internal and external collaborators.

Cardno APAC Headquarters by Cox Architecture - Sheet3
Waiting Lounge ©Christopher Frederick Jones

‘Neighbourhoods’ are defined by a working wall with open sections creating visual connections to diverse collaborative spaces, designed to offer staff multiple environments to suit their needs. A ‘high street’ encourages movement through the floor to the café and park spaces encouraging chance encounters, social networking opportunities and the sharing of ideas.


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