We designed the space focused on offering a striking first impression. Sales office importance is growing day by day. It represents you and your legacy when it comes to construction and buildings industry. So planning was done keeping this in mind. I was pushing my creativity to new heights.

Project Name: Exclusive luxury sales office project
Studio Name:
Make My Nest
Carpet area: 1100 sqft
Photography: Make My Nest

Exclusive luxury sales office project by Make My Nest - Sheet1
Reception ©Make My Nest

Started with a thought that “Your office is the business card of your company,” for this reason it was necessary to establish a stylistic concept that can reflect the professional profile, the objectives and the message that you want to convey to the customer:  Reliability, Solidity, Hospitality, Excellence. All at the same time, therefore, it must be luxurious , elegant, orderly and clean.

Planning and layout : It required meticulous planning and considerable precision. Sales office is the place that represents your company and welcomes colleagues, partners and important customers, so it must stand out for elegance and luxury while at the same time conveying a feeling of being welcoming and order. Clever planning of spaces and waiting area , cabins , meeting rooms and toilets lead to a clean layout .

Each room had a nice exposure to day light coz of large windows inside.

Reception Lobby
Reception was a central importance because it has the task of welcoming the guests and  clients of the company and “it is the office’s business card” . A large reception counter, sofas and armchairs cannot be missing a furnishing element that defined the hall and welcomes the visitor in a practical and comfortable space in which they wait to be received, reading books and magazines, inevitable ways to pass the time while waiting.

Exclusive luxury sales office project by Make My Nest - Sheet2
Seating Space ©Make My Nest

Marble was used as the reception back drop to make it look classy and sophisticated. Marble has its own Gandeur. Even the reception table was made in marble with an interesting play of cove light in it .

Aesthetics :
Making Elegant, comfortable and welcoming furniture was a priority which will give a good impression of the company to customers and potential buyers .

This obviously does not mean giving up luxury: hence added most elegant and high-end luxury armchairs in the reception lobby with locally made from vendors and not opted for high expensive brands coz we also had to stick to budgets too. Colours on walls were Retreat in pink and play of grooves in Golden to add to that grandeur.

Exclusive luxury sales office project by Make My Nest - Sheet3
Cabin ©Make My Nest

Unique details elements like golden coated design in pipes added to aesthetics and grandeur which we wanted go achieve. Vintage Chandelier , velvet high back chairs, art made the place more inviting.

Same golden pipes were used as back drop of reception table beside marble wall. Some play of green Planters and green walls added life to space.

The combination of golden pipes , Marble and pink colour on the walls came out beautifully. Mirror work with combination of golden composite sheet added drama.

An interesting mirror art work and lighting immediately added warmth to the space. The patti work in pink has hidden doors to Toilets and pantry area. Even though they open out in waiting area there door looked like a designer wall wall in itself.

Flooring for Reception and waiting area was done in marble looking grey and tinch of golden tile which brought that grandness while lights are turned on the surface is reflected. Flooring was done in herring bone pattern in cabins and meeting rooms which created eye catching twist to the std wood floor . It looked too gorgeous to cover it up with carpet.


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