A number of irregular sized columns and misaligned walls, coupled with an external curtain wall that is not aligned with the space, made a regular plan layout extremely difficult. A concept of thick storage walls to the sides of the space was developed, with a series of subtle curves introduced to disguise the irregularities.

Project Name: Intercommercial Office
Studio Name: Ian Moore Architects
Sydney, Australia
Photography: Romello Pereira

Intercommercial Office By Ian Moore Architects - Sheet1
Allied Space ©Romello Pereira

This storage joinery also has a number of different expressions, open pigeon-hole shelving, bookshelves, concealed storage and fixed panels to the face of columns. The curved panels allow a visual flow to the sidewalls, which softly transition to the glazed partitions of the cellular office spaces.

Intercommercial Office By Ian Moore Architects - Sheet2
Waiting Area ©Romello Pereira

The modest budget was spent primarily on this joinery and new furniture, while the existing lighting and air-conditioning grilles were rearranged within the existing ceiling to suit the new layout.

Intercommercial Office By Ian Moore Architects - Sheet3
Allied Space ©Romello Pereira

The new joinery was coloured a light grey to closely match the natural anodised aluminium window framing and two 1970s tub chairs in red fabric were reused from the client’s previous office to provide a small burst of colour. The final element is a mid grey linen curtain to provide privacy from the communal corridor.


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