Riva is a gourmet vegetarian restaurant, located in the hustle-bustle of Sinhagad Road in Pune. The process involved designing of the indoor restaurant, outdoor seating and landscaping. The Audumbar (cluster fig) tree was central to the décor of the restaurant. The site is near the Mutha River in Pune. Through our design we wanted to connect the river and the tree. Elements used throughout the restaurant create a flow and patterns. The envelope of the restaurant would create intrigue for the passers-by. Aim was to create a canvas of earthy natural tones for the food and people to add colour to it.

Project Name: Riva
Studio Name: DnC
Size: 3500 Sq.ft
Location: Pune, India
Completion: December, 2019



Planning has been done such that the Audumbar tree is at the centre of the space. Pine-wood clad fabricated decks create an undulated seating arrangement. Pathways lined on either side with strips of pebbles and grass criss-cross between the seating areas. Printed flooring tiles used are of neutral earthy shades and texture.


Posts are erected at the corners of seating areas and steel cables used to create retractable awnings. The awning fabric is printed with a customized leaf pattern, to suit the ambiance. The wood-fired pizza oven, built in the outdoors, is surrounded by picnic-style pine-clad benches. Marble chips are thrown in to complete the picnic ambiance. Outer walls of the oven are painted in a story-telling fashion. The par (seating around) the Audumbar tree is painted with the same pattern as the awnings.


The fence creates an intriguing envelope for the restaurant. It has rows of copper toned fabricated waves, creating pockets for greens. A mural of polycarbonate sheets compliments the waves and dazzles with it! A laser-cut, back-lit logo flanks the outdoors on one side, creating an ideal spot for selfies. The gurgling fountain, falling leaves and colourful bougainvillea make Riva ideal for hangouts.



The internal seating area had deep structural beams, dividing the area by an uneven grid. Geocell has been used to create the mesh ceiling. The mesh creates a flow and a leaf-like pattern. Furniture is fabricated. Table frames fitted with tile tops and seating is pine-clad. UPVC doors and windows have been used to shield the indoors from the noise of the busy road. The kitchen window allows the foodies to peak into the chef’s zone. Verandah of the indoor restaurant has chain-link used to create a transparent yet secure barrier between the street and the restaurant.

Ar. Amruta Deshpande

Having completed her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pune University (India), Amruta pursued her Masters in Construction management from Texas A&M University (U.S.A). She worked with Arup as a construction analyst in San Francisco, before repatriating and working with RJB CPL in Mumbai.  She founded DnC in 2014 in Pune, to realize her vision of seamless integration between Design and Construction. Having completed projects from retail, industrial, residential and hospitality sectors, Amruta believes in interdisciplinary collaborations and values efficiency and innovation for design and execution. Team DnC partners with stakeholders and consultants on projects, to deliver the imagined!


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