Retail outwear in old street of Surat city. ‘Looking to context of old street, elevation facade has been design in order to break the monotony street facade of old city. Angle in outer box helps to create a dynamic shape and gives access of clear visibility from main road, whereas inner box helps for displaying mannequins which faces perpendicular to road.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Project: Shibaam Retail Outlet
Company Name: Bond Studio PVT LTD
Location: Zampa Bazaar,Surat, India
Built up: 590 Sq-ft
Completion Year: 2020
Principal Architect: Ar.Karan Atodaria
Client: Shibaam Collection
Design Team: Karan Atodaria, Saif Ali Multani.
Execution Team: Sohail Sofawala
Pic courtesy: Pratikruti


Elegance of staircase and aroma of entrance has been balanced with red textured color wall paper on double height wall, whereas traditional Jali been used on stair railing with subtle gold color along with strong black MS bar in order to balanced with pine wood used on treads which in turn give back a sense of harmony of overall feel of entrance space.

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On upper floor level existing apartment has been rectify into showroom by creating two linear walls parallel to each other creating a space of 10 ft between amongst them in order to create a space for interaction of clients. further, in between one center space has been left open in order to create a space for bridal-stand on which bridal can stand and can display herself on opposite arches wall. Full long mirror been used on East side wall which helps to create a depth of showroom to feel of double size and also give sense of positive feel as an entrance in showroom.


As to match cultural ethic, our clients are from Vohra community and hence out of two linear walls on wall is been design with Arches and jail, where arches can be used from storage section and jail can be used to create ambience light for showroom, whereas on opposite wall, MS section was staggered into different heights in order to create display of bridalears clothes which can stagger at different heights.


Existing plumbing duct of apartment was being covered with linear display wall by which face of duct has been covered with furniture arches and jail wall. Ahead two corners of apartment (north-east and north-west) attached with duct, been plan as a store room and pantry with attached toilet. Purpose of pantry was also to be used also as changing room where bride can use a private space for changing the cloths. Blue checks mosaics was used in pantry along with dark blue flooring which in-turn converts a feel of space of pantry to as changing room where bride don’t feel as a separate mundane space different to showroom. Long size store is used as additional storage which is quite sufficient for approx. 500 sqft size of showroom.


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