Tod Williams Billie Tsien’s Hood Museum overhaul will “knit together” its postmodern predecessor

Architect: Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

Location: United States

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Babylonian Civilization | Omaima Altaee

Project: Babylonian Civilization

Architect: Omaima Altaee 

Location: Iraq

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Museum of Knowledge | Vineet Jhunjhunwala

Project: Museum of Knowledge

Architect: Vineet Jhunjhunwala

Location: India

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Beautiful Bahá’í House of Worship unveiled for Papua New Guinea capital

Project: Bahá’í House of Worship

Architect: Henry Lape and Saeed Granfar

Location: Papua New Guinea

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SanBaoPeng Art Museum | DL Atelier

Project: SanBaoPeng Art Museum

Architect: DL Atelier

Location: China

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Presence in Hormoz | ZAV Architects

Project: Presence in Hormoz

Architect: ZAV Architects

Location: Iran

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Hunarshala Campus by Hunarshala Foundation

Architect: Hunarshala Foundation

Project Location: India

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