SanBaoPeng Art Museum | DL Atelier

Project: SanBaoPeng Art Museum

Architect: DL Atelier

Location: China

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Presence in Hormoz | ZAV Architects

Project: Presence in Hormoz

Architect: ZAV Architects

Location: Iran

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Hunarshala Campus by Hunarshala Foundation

Architect: Hunarshala Foundation

Project Location: India

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DuStudio – Dharmesh Jadeja

Architect: Dharmesh Jadeja

Project Location: India

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21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art by SANAA

Architect: SANAA

Project Location: Japan

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Qatar National Library by OMA

Architect: OMA

Project Location: Qatar

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Christchurch Central Library New Zealand by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Architect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Project Location: New Zealand

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Calgary’s New Central Library and Library Plaza by Snøhetta

Architect: Snøhetta

Project Location: Canada

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De Zwarte Hond | Zinder Cultural Center

Architect: De Zwarte Hond

Project Location: The Netherlands

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Yarauvi: A Necropolis In The Dead Sea | Miró Rivera Architects

Architect: Juan Miró

Country: United States

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The temple of sense | Ebrahimi Associates

Architect: Hassan Ebrahimi asl

Country: Iran

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The Museum Of Modern Art | Alisa Kosareva

Architect: Alisa Kosareva

University: Kazan State University Of Architecture and Engineering

Country: Russia

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