The House Is Packed Like IKEA Furniture Which Spreads In 10 Minutes

We could not believe what we saw on the video showing the system of unfolding the house.

The British company Ten Fold Engineering  has created folding buildings inspired by IKEA’s horizontal packaging system. They can be transported from place to place wherever they are needed. Dislocation is child’s play and should not take more than 10 minutes.

A complex building can travel on a standard truck platform. In addition, there are 20 m2 of space, for example, furniture.


The interior has a spread of 64 m2.

Representatives of Ten Fold Engineering say there is no limit to what can be found in the building – it can be an apartment, office, gallery, workshop or restaurant.

” Everything that needs to get somewhere fast or to be ‘right now’, ” the company’s founders say  . Internal walls can be arranged freely, which makes it easy to adapt the building to individual needs.


– Modular components allow almost any arrangement of panels, doors or windows – explains the company.

The building can also be powered by solar panels.



The company offers various models of unfurnished homes, and their price depends on the size. To buy this area of ​​64 m2 should be allocated 100 thousand. Pounds, about 480 thousand. Golden.

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