Danes Were Riding A Bicycle: The Smallest House On Wheels

According to folk wisdom, a guy and a girl do not need music, it’s hard to say for certain whether there is a similar proverb among the Danes, but the new model of a wheeled house recently created by the Danish designer Mads Johansen more than demonstrates the validity of this thesis.


The history of the houses on wheels is more than one hundred years old – it all began only with a gypsy wagon and eventually led to the appearance of super-modern trailers with all conceivable and even unthinkable amenities – but the house called “Wide Path Camper” became the smallest mobile House on the planet: it is designed for two people, and they will not be able to do anything in it except for “this”.


True, it has two beds, but it does not say anything, because apart from them there is only a tiny little table and a few small shelves for things – although, in principle, something of the necessary can be stored under the beds.


All this is very similar to a carriage compartment, even a window here is located in the same place as on a train – well, a bit cramped, but it is quite possible to hold a couple of nights in nature in such a house: for this purpose there is a reservoir for water supply, and On the roof there are mountings not only for the trunk, but also for solar panels, so that with light and water everything will be in order.


Of course, with such a house can not go on a long journey, but if you sit on the bike and go for a weekend somewhere out of town, he will give you a solid roof over your head – in fact, it is designed specifically for cyclists. The fact that the Danes today as no other nation addicted to environmentally friendly transport, so that the bike in Denmark today, more than a bicycle – it’s part of the national idea.


Since the weight of the new house is only forty kilos unloaded and being loaded to the eyeballs, it weighs no more than a hundred and ten kilograms, it can easily pull a trailer of any cyclist.



True, for such a house you need to pay two and a half thousand dollars – more precisely, you will have to pay in February next year, when it finally appears on sale.

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