The stylistic decision of the house does not always depend only on the wishes of the owners. Often for them, “makes a decision” surrounding the future of the house: the landscape, natural features – in short, all that the ancient Romans called “genius loci”, that is, the genius of the place. The place chosen for the construction of this house is unusually beautiful and even unique. The forest chalet is located on the sunny edge of the age-old pine forest, near it, there is a river with rocky shores, and not far from the picturesque slope there is a monastery from which it breathes peace and tranquility.

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In general, the notorious “genius loci” initially sets up reflections and relaxation, breaking out of the city, it is so pleasant to relax from the hard work and city bustle, asphalted roads and concrete boxes, barefoot on the grass, inhale the smell of wet earth and pine needles, enjoy The beauty of nature and the incessant singing of birds.

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Forest chalet: layout and design

When developing the layout and interior design, architects of the architectural workshop “PIN and K” adhered to the idea of ​​maximizing the atmosphere of the external solution: harmony with nature and laconism. The forest chalet is built in such a way that the first floor of the house is open on two sides so that all of its space including the outdoor terrace can be seen from the entrance area. Thanks to these owners it is easy to observe both behind the yard and behind the entrance group, to be constantly aware of everything happening both in the house and on the street. The features of the relief have made their correction in the interior planning – the fireplace and dining areas are “drowned” in relation to the entrance.

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On the second floor, there are traditionally private spaces, but here the common idea for the whole house is merging with the surrounding nature.

– In my opinion, form and space are fundamental in this object, it is the fundamental principle that sets the tone and atmosphere. Finishing here – on the sidelines. Thanks to this “alignment of forces” the owners have the opportunity to modify the exterior of the house if they change their taste preferences or just want something new, “says architect Yuri Nos.

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To date, the house is completed only the exterior, and the interior space – still in work. Why was it so decided to hold a photo session under such conditions, says architect Anna Papusha:



– Shooting an unfinished object is a very interesting experience. The exterior has already “got used” on Wednesday, and the interior space still remains airy unloaded partitions and furniture. At this stage, both the customer and the architect can radically change the concept of the interior. And if this desire did not arise, then our thoughts and creative ideas moved in the right direction. Another task of shooting an unfinished object is to show the quality of materials and works that are usually not visible in the final version, especially in private homes. And although the trips to the site are usually nothing more than routine work, this trip left a feeling of unplanned vacation, energized, energized, and optimistic.


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