Plan to redesign Earth and stop climate change- Masterplanet concept revealed by Bjarke Ingels - Sheet1
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The Planet we connect our life with is a biome to the utilitarian entity with limited resources that it provides to sustain. Over the centuries it has seen a change in evolution, vegetation, and weather. Independently controlling everything within its reach and retaining the sequence to life till today, but this Masterplanet has some setbacks known as ‘Climate Change’, it’s rapidly affecting the diversity and meddling with this sequence, we’ve overused it. Preventive care has emerged but the effect seen towards it has been effectively low. A Danish Architect, Bjarke Ingles has revealed his Master Plan to save the Earth and stop Climate change, introducing sustainable features to reduce the effect of temperature change and increase in the green cover. 

Masterplanet and its Deviser

From the outset of the Industrial Revolution, we’ve been gathering and capitalizing on the resources available at hand, grabbing the needful to cast it into an asset, but with a cost that turns the environment into an untreated cage of indispensable elements. The Masterplanet needs a recharge at an underpinning stage. When we formulate a city and layover its functional plans we tend to focus on the planning stage and its practicality on the users, the bigger the scale grows the opportunity takes a toll on the ground. The measures can be effectively placed and focused on the error to rectify it. The technology breaches this barrier of unprecedented change in the climate, its biased sides can weigh the impact on the planet. In Masterplanet, BIG applies this thinking to the entire earth, laying out how we can redesign the planet to cut greenhouse emissions, reduce the carbon footprint, protect resources and adapt to climate change with lessening its effect with the technology we have in our hands today, a sustainable approach by BIG has set an objective to hoard the climate change barrier. Bjarke’s approach to the redesign of the earth has a massive setback of time, starting something this large would have innumerable iterations until you check all the boxes and make it a noble element. 

Plan to redesign Earth and stop climate change- Masterplanet concept revealed by Bjarke Ingels - Sheet2
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The Plan and its Procession 

Masterplanet divides the world’s environmental problems into 10 sections in a hierarchy. The first five cover the needful amenities and greenhouse gas-emitting sectors- transport, energy, food, industry, and waste management. And five cover other areas on which humans need to address to live sustainably on earth—biodiversity, water, pollution, health, and architecture and urbanism, to link up these sectors and dividing the squares can increase the consistency of every segment successfully. The practical barriers to the solutions proposed on Masterplanet by BjarkeIngels are very contemporary. Nearly impossible but achievable, he also gave an insight into how political regimes can work together to handle the scale of this master unit. With a worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, the world has seen the change in every working sector and its direct effects on the habitats of the place. This encounters the BIG plan, adding another challenge to follow the safety measures titled by WHO.

Ingles had devised the master plan for the Penang Island, Malaysia, designed a resilient series of artificial islands, to which he has been adhered to use sustainable techniques effectively in the upcoming scope of the project. His ideology of working with synergies has been rudimentary and captivating to the mass. Ingels describes the role of architecture in changing the society as making it fit for our needs and desires: “When something doesn’t fit anymore, we architects have the ability – and responsibility – to make sure that our cities do not force us to adapt to outdated leftovers from the past, but fit to the way we want to live”.

Plan to redesign Earth and stop climate change- Masterplanet concept revealed by Bjarke Ingels - Sheet3
Masterplan Penang Islands Source-©
Plan to redesign Earth and stop climate change- Masterplanet concept revealed by Bjarke Ingels - Sheet4
MasterPlan Penang Islands Source-©

Into the future

The time speaks and denotes its need of upgrading ourselves in the foreseeable times, design mends its way through its workable life and then changes hands on the functionality, the important aspect is the decisiveness of the design towards the on-coming future and the reliability of the humans to strain on it. The environment doesn’t rely on politics or on any outdated ideologies to support, it has a basic structure of recycling its elements without any hindrance to the ecosystem. “If we could apply a similar decisiveness toward the climate crisis, I think we could deal with it much more impactful and much quicker than we imagine possible today,” Ingels said.

A change is to be bought but with harmony and unification which needs support required immensely to grow together. With the earth as our client and we as the designers could get the change we wanted. With every hour passing by we are reminded of the time we have on our hands to make it into Eden and limit this fast-paced race from falling short on its strength. Bjarke Ingles’s vision for the coming future has bought brighter hope and stability to the environment, a domain with technology, creativity, and rightfulness to human life. 


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