Amazing Ideas & Creativity – Best of 2017 – Office Interiors

Rethinking The Future has tried to shortlist a few of Creative Office Interiors designed by the creative architects & Interior Designers in all the parts of the world.

Äripäev is Estonia’s most famous and largest business newspaper, radio and publishing company. The chosen space, Luther’s Machine Room, is a former Luther plywood manufacturing plant, one of the largest industrial buildings in the Baltic States from that time.

Äripäev Office | Arhitekt 11

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Beijing is a complex diversified metropolitan, where everyone attempts for a small sense of belonging and identity. Even troubled by life stress as well as the Fog days they still went ahead. While the longest time of a day people spend is in office.

Elephant-Parade Office | CUN Design

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Fiverr’s new offices are located in Tel Aviv’s Beit Ha’ikarim – a historic, 4-storey  building listed for conservation to which three new floors have been added.

Fiverr Israel Offices | Setter Architects

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The company is originally located in Shanghai Xuhui functional materials industrial park. Consider its long-term development and the requirement of change, the company choose Shanghai Pingfu Road Poly Xin Park Industrial Park as its new address.

Shanghai Sunrise Polymer Material Office | CCDI GW Design

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“ShangHub endeavors to embody the LEGO® values of Imagination, Joy, Fun, Creativity, Learning, Caring and Quality to the core. By raising the value of user experience through human centric design, the ambition was to create a world class workplace where only the best is good enough,” says Sudhir Saseedharan, Design Manager, Global Design and Engagement, Corporate Facilities.

The LEGO Group, Shanghai | Robarts Spaces

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We are young Vietnamese and Italian architects, with the intention of opening an architecture start-up in Vietnam. In October 2016, we returned to Hanoi to find a leasing office space. Surveying around Hanoi, we found out that a lot of balcony here are unused, probably because of dust, noise and burglary prevention problem of the urban area. Citizens hardly communicate – interact with the external environment, with surrounding neighborhood. We call those balconies are dead spaces.

Wake Space Up! Urban Eco-Balcony | Farming Architects

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