6. Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner (2008) | Architecture Movies

With appearances by Sean Connery, Frank Gehry, Julius Shulman and other devotees of Lautner, the film tells the lifelong pursuit of a visionary genius who had a complicated life. Filmed exceptionally, the film explores the dramatic spaces Lautner choreographed camera movements. Lautner told with insight and wit lessons recordings of different files.

7. Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio (2010)

“Citizen Architects” present the lifework of the late Mockbee Samuel, a true pioneer who defended the idea that “everyone deserves a refuge for the soul.” A professor at Auburn University, Mockbee created a Rural Studio, a design, and construction of the teaching of the social responsibilities of the profession of architecture while also providing a safe and well-built home, an inspiration for the rural communities of West Alabama, one of the poorest regions of America.

8. The World of Buckminster Fuller (1974) – United States

This Oscar-winning film by filmmaker Robert Snyder, like his other documentaries about “the great” (Michelangelo, Henry Miller, Willem De Kooning, Pablo Casals, among others), transports the viewer into the mind and soul of Fuller. Told entirely in their own words, the film is an intimate message, personal and inspiring Fuller our fragile world.

9. Frank Lloyd Wright (1998)

This documentary who is considered “the greatest American architect of all time” teaches us beyond the classic technical profile of a teacher of design and construction, as was Wright, his human side and we reveal the harsh circumstances why it happened along its more than 91 years.

10. Antonio Gaudí (1984) – Japan | Architecture Movies

More than a documentary, like a poem, Teshigahara takes viewers on a trip to the truly spectacular buildings of the Catalan architect, including his masterpiece, still unfinished Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. With a bold and sensual work, Teshigahara immortalizes Gaudí camera and curves of the organizational structures of their buildings in the film.

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