The anonymous paper sculputor makes paper replicas of personal belongings of the dead. These sculptures are then burned. As the paper turn into ashes and smoke, it is believed that they would materialize in the purgatory where the deceased would recieve these items. Commissioned by close family members of the dead, these paper objects often paints a close reality to the character and life of the deceased. The paper artist, however, is often judged negatively due to his/her close connection to death – considering the occupation a bad omen.

Participant  Name: Andrea Ng

University: University of Waterloo

Country: Canada


The Aurelian wall is a border that defines what is inside and outside of the city of Rome. The living stays inside the wall while the dead stays outside of the wall. This project is a house for the anonymous paper sculptor where the artist resides in the addition inside the border, works and performs the ritual within and projecting outside the border – the Aurelian wall.


The Aurelian wall, being the largest ruins in Rome, is currently underused and often unappreciated. This project seeks to rethink the relationship between the value of the ruins and the development of the city by injecting rituals of our current society and projecting appropriately to something that has long been lost.



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