An international bureau Kerimov Architects has designed a 280 sq. m house in Repino close to Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The client, a couple, chose this serene forest site to be far away from the rhythm of the metropolis.

Project Name: Repino House
Studio Name: Kerimov Architects

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Architects drew inspiration from the history of the place. Once Repino was a part of the Finnish volost Terijoki and had a different name – Kuokkala. The traditional Finnish architecture and magnificent Karelian landscapes influenced this project.

Architecture is determined by the site’s topography: the building is recessed and flat corresponding to the landscape while there are small differences in a flat area so that in the event of heavy rainfall or snow melting the water will not flow onto the terraces.

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According to one of the main design principles of Kerimov Architects, they used only natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal.

One-story house resulted in a human-scaled building that fits well into the natural context thanks to well-thought architectonics. Panoramic windows create an uninterrupted spatial narrative between the exterior and interior. The rhythmic façade articulation balances the verticals of the pines and the general geometry of the building.

The house looks different from different points of view thanks to the sequence of impermeable and permeable spaces, opening and closing blinds, and dichromatic solutions.

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The functional program of the house for two consists of a spacious and bright living room with a dining area; kitchen and master bedroom, bathrooms, a home office, and a guest bedroom for the clients’ grandchildren. There is also a box for one car.

Two outdoor terraces are slightly deepened and located under a canopy that protects from the rain and direct sunlight. Both of the spaces provide unique beautiful views of the forest.


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