Located in the picturesque Kashubian region of northern Poland, Beech Valley by ArchMondo (Piotr Kowalczyk) is a small-scale complex of holiday houses that stands out with its eye-catching architecture and attention to detail. The buildings and space around them are private yet inviting, providing the perfect space for leisure far from the madding crowd.

Project name: Dolina Buków
Authors: ArchMondo Piotr Kowalczyk
Interior arrangement: Marzena Pionk
Constructor: Krzysztof Polatowski
Year of concept:  2020
Year of completion: 2022
Plot area – 1 house: 500m2
Usable area – 1 house: 86m2
Photographers: Fotomohito
Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska
Marcin Wróblewski

The Beech Valley by ArchMondo Piotr Kowalczyk - Sheet5

The site, surrounded by scenic beech forests and with lake Grabówko within a walking distance, offers a wide variety of activities, from hiking, kayaking or fishing to simply relaxing surrounded by nature. Carefully planned design of the complex and its harmony with natural landscape, creates a sense of privacy and tranquility. Each building is located on 500 sq meters plot with a terrace that emphasizes the form of architecture, providing residents with an outdoor space to unwind and relax. Furthermore, the houses feature large southern windows which ensure natural lighting throughout the day and make the interior of the buildings well-connected to the exterior.

The Beech Valley by ArchMondo Piotr Kowalczyk - Sheet7

Each holiday house is 86 sq meters of usable area and contains efficiently designed rooms. The ground floor serves as a living area and extends to the outdoor space by a terrace. On the upper level there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. Every house’s floor plan is rotated on site, guaranteeing the best location regarding each plot’s orientation. In the result, it creates the feeling of ordered, yet dynamic composition and overall sense of harmony and unity.

The Beech Valley by ArchMondo Piotr Kowalczyk - Sheet9

The coherent look of the houses was achieved by usage of natural materials and colors. The facades are finished with light gray stucco, metal and wood. The contrast between the materials emphasizes the modern and elegant form of the buildings.


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