The sound of silence and serenity alongside the chirps and hums of our beloved winged creatures, enveloped within the lightly flowing cool breeze that smells of natural water springs and earth, this property grounds itself into the most natural reservoir of our origins. Nestled within the lap of nature and smack in the middle of a lush forest near Coimbatore, encircled by nothingness but nature, this home offers an unparalleled living experience to its patrons.

Project Name: House of Tranquil Rooms
Studio Name: Studio Sohaib

A Home in the Forest by Studio Sohaib - Sheet3
©Studio Sohaib

Architectural filmmaker Sohaib Ilyas has masterfully encapsulated the essence of the stunning forest holiday home designed by Architect Prabhakar Chinnasamy of Icon Design Studio. His lens artfully captures the serene and peaceful surroundings of the lush forest near Coimbatore, showcasing the natural beauty of the environment in its truest form.

By capturing original sounds on site, the film truly comes to life, providing an immersive experience that transports the viewer to the actual location of the filming. The use of original sounds, such as the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves, adds a layer of authenticity and realism to the filmmaking it feels like the viewer is actually present in the serene and peaceful environment of the forest holiday home. This attention to detail elevates the film from a mere visual representation to a complete sensory experience, where the viewer can not only see the beauty of the location but also hear and feel it.

A Home in the Forest by Studio Sohaib - Sheet4
©Studio Sohaib

With the visual complexity set on a minimal tone, the volume of this residence blends with the landscape around it and gives a nod to a gentle intervention amongst the flora and fauna. The organized linearity of the structure breaks away from the organic setting, bringing the structure to the foreground. The concept was to pan the living spaces like a tree canopy so that each space peeks into the plush terrain of this green tropical forest in the Indian Subcontinent. Furthermore, to initiate ease of fusion between the indoors and the outdoors while respecting the natural vegetation, are massive outdoor spaces overshadowed by the play of sciagraphy from the foliages of the tree tops. Boasting an extensive outdoor area, generous windows, and organic materials, the house blends in with its natural surroundings without sacrificing human comforts.

A Home in the Forest by Studio Sohaib - Sheet6
©Studio Sohaib

The juxtaposition of open spaces with the semi-open and closed outward-looking spaces not only relaxes the user but also provides them with the much-needed disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle of our chaotic urban lives. The facade is nearly made completely from glass, establishing a constant connection with the nature and landscape of the lush land the home sits on. The interiors of this house exude a warm sense of cosiness, owing to the judicious retrofitting of design language and materiality.

Be it the dynamic reflection of the ripples of the waterbody that surround the semi-open spaces or the changing colours of the cotton candy skies governed by the clouds, this farmhouse ages to weave a beautiful tale through the tides of time.


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