To create an unforgettable customer experience at their new taproom, this brewer-owned company enlisted our design team to develop an engaging brand journey for their loyal fanbase.

Studio Name: Bergmeyer
Design Team: Angela Dewar, Christian Davies, Hannah Friskey, Jason Cohen, Jen Shiminsky, Joe Vecchione, Stan Kubinski
Area: Hospitality
Year: 2021
Location: Deerfield, MA
Consultants: Boston Light Source, Orion RED, Spectrum Lighting, SignDesign
Photography Credits: Anton Grassl
Other Credits: Flaunt Boston, Citywide Contracting

Treehouse Deerfield by Bergmeyer - Sheet3
©Anton Grassl

The company’s expertise in crafting inspired libations for everyone inspired us to create a warm and welcoming environment through adaptive reuse and a branded environment that is true to its identity. Our focus was on the retail and front of house areas of the new 100,000 SQ FT brewery in Deerfield, resulting in an amalgamation of the existing space.

Treehouse Deerfield by Bergmeyer - Sheet3
©Anton Grassl

The retail area features environmental graphics, visual merchandising, and coffee service, while a unique “Can Cave” ignites anticipation and excitement on the passage to the taproom. Our design also includes “Easter egg” graphics portraying characters and graphics from the brand’s various can art to inspire visitors to the taproom. To achieve this, we used a variety of materials, including reclaimed wood planks and timbers, polished and stamped concrete, blackened steel, recessed and sill lighting, custom chandeliers with a powder-coated copper finish, and 6,300 upcycled beer cans as a low-impact design option.

Treehouse Deerfield by Bergmeyer - Sheet5
©Anton Grassl

Our design choices were made with future reuse and re-engineering in mind, ensuring the taproom’s sustainability. The result is a cheerful and communal environment that Treehouse is known for, providing a memorable experience that will keep visitors coming back for more.


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