Volume with extractions and subtractions that play with the desing of the façade with the purpose of preserving private spaces and following the trajectory of the sun to keep it warm.

Area: 385m2
Year: 2017
Location: Lomas Hipodromo, Baja California
Architects: Christian Ocampo
Engineer: Luis Fernando Gonzales
Collaborators: Lizbeth Alvarez
Photography Credits: Walter Montalvo

L House by OKAMPO STUDIO - Sheet7
©Walter Montalvo

It connects spaces like the kitchen, patio and garage to make spaces bigger for any event.

L House by OKAMPO STUDIO - Sheet8
©Walter Montalvo©Walter Montalvo
L House by OKAMPO STUDIO - Sheet9
©Walter Montalvo

The big and abundant windows all around the house allow it to always be illuminated and ventilated.


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