This private new house demonstrates what can be achieved with a narrow frontage steep sloping block. In this case, a 3m falls from the street to the back of the site with restrictions on height limits and setback, we extend the design suited to the typography and something unique for the young family. Although challenged by its site, it allows an opportunity to create an interesting split-level home that follows the slope of the land and flows throughout the home.

Project Name- Concept: Wilston New Home
Studio Name- dion seminara architecture
Project size-  285 m2
Site size – 405 m2
Project Budget – USD 850,000.00
Building levels – 2
Location- Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia
Photographer-  dion seminara architecture

Concept Wilston New Home by dion seminara architecture - Sheet2
©dion seminara architecture

The design for this new home in Wilston, which includes demolishing the existing house, centres on having a modern home that can be used as a rental when our clients are living interstate.
Our clients are living interstate and they want to build a new home as a rental property to start with until they move back to Queensland. The design intent was to create a warm and welcoming family home with the inspirations from Australian Japanese style.

Concept Wilston New Home by dion seminara architecture - Sheet3
©dion seminara architecture

The entry is on a street level higher than the ground floor to give a greater presence of the home and significance in the neighbourhood. Using the Japanese architecture design principles such as the art of simplicity and use of natural materials. A simple modern appearance with the minimal palette used throughout to evoke peacefulness and tranquillity, yet with some different textures to highlight visual interests.

Ascending down a set of staircases that follows the slope of the site to arrive at the ground floor, the house is well lit with natural light through the shaft of light over the stairwell. The timber screening that allows natural light and provides privacy continues to the interior. Timber is used on floors, feature ceilings and joinery to create a calming atmosphere.

Concept Wilston New Home by dion seminara architecture - Sheet4
©dion seminara architecture

The house includes several skylights to allow plenty of natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Operable louvre windows are used to the north-east sides of the home to optimise ventilation and cooling, whereas external screens are used to block western sun and excessive heat. Sustainable design principles are adopted throughout the design process.

The open plan is leading to the back covered terrace connecting with an outdoor dining area, barbecue area, pool, and lawn, creating an intimate sanctuary for the young family to enjoy and social.

©dion seminara architecture

Connection and separation is one of the key theme of young family, to allow independent living yet connection in mutual space. The home is small yet functional, containing a study room on the ground floor, three bedrooms and one multi-purpose room on the intermediate level and a main bedroom wing privately located on the top floor. Storage space is maximised for this small home with the use of built-in joinery including utilising the space under the staircase. The built-in joinery is effective in reducing clutter and preserve the visual simplicity.

The use of Japanese design philosophy in this project is merely an aesthetics appreciation but the subtle connection and flow of calmness.


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