The parking house in Dolni Brezany is a two-storey building based on a triangle ground plan with a convexly curved north side. Its disposition is divided into parking areas with a ramp and two communication cores, allowing it to park up to 200 cars on three levels. The architecture honours and utilises the terrain inclination.

Studio Name: Fránek architects
Design Team: Jiri Zelezny, Jiri Vitek, Martina Hamrova, Libor Senekel, Tamas Tarics
Studio adress: Kamenna 13, 639 00, Brno
Year: Project year 2017-2018, Completion year 2021
Location: Dolní Břežany 232/5, Czech republic
Consultants: Realization – PKS –
Photography Credits:  Petr Polák

Other Credits:
lighting – mylight –
road barriers – saferoad plzeň –
formwork – doka – ¨

Dolní Břežany Parking House by Fránek architects - Sheet3
©Petr Polák

The main used material is reinforced concrete, and the north facade is enhanced with road barriers arched in line with the facade curvature. LED lighting placed on the barriers refers to the long exposure of a car passage. Apart from the aesthetic function, the barriers serve ventilation purposes. The east and south facades are accentuated with diversely patterned ventilation holes, granting the climbing plants to grow.

Dolní Břežany Parking House by Fránek architects - Sheet4
©Petr Polák

The vents are constructed from fragments of road barriers, used as lost formwork, and welded together at different angles. Apart from ventilation, the vents shield family houses in the immediate proximity of the parking house from bright car lights at night. Furthermore, the ventilation holes create dispersed light in the parking house’s interior, amplifying the aesthetic experience of the architecture. The three facades are optically and expressively connected by the elements of hot-dip galvanized barriers.

Dolní Břežany Parking House by Fránek architects - Sheet5
©Petr Polák

A pond in front of the parking house collects rainwater, helping its retention. The rooftop areas at the highest level of the building are covered in vegetation, as the whole parking house should be in the future.

Dolní Břežany Parking House by Fránek architects - Sheet7
©Petr Polák

material – where used in the project
steel – road barriers
reinforced concrete – construction

About studio / author 

Zdeněk Fránek was born 1961 in Boskovice. After his studies at Faculty of Architecture VUT in Brno he worked at the Chief Architect Institute in Blansko, establishing his practice Fránek Architects in 1989. He is recently involved in architectural design, publishing and educational activities at home as well as abroad. He was acting as dean since 2012 to 2018 at Faculty of Art and Architecture at Technical University of Liberec.

During his career he realized multitude of exhibitions, among others Perspectives at Jaroslav Frágner Gallery in 2007, Insides of Architecture at Brno House of Arts in 2011-2012, exhibition at the CCC Gallery in Peking in 2012, Measure & Scale in Jaroslav Frágner Gallerey in 2016, Mental Relief in House of Art in České Budějovice in 2019 and Figures in Ladislav Sutnar Gallery in Pilsen.

Abroad he lectured at universities in Gent, Utrecht, Hildesheim, New Delhi, Peking and Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, New Orleans, Vien and others.


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