The client brief was to design a classical bungalow style house with spacious rooms full of natural light and ventilation. Being a firm believer of Vaastu, client wanted us to follow the same for their residence. Client wanted his house to have a grand look so that it stands out in the vicinity. The client wanted spaces to be luxurious and yet very cozy and comfortable. The house should be practical as well as aesthetically beautiful.

Studio Name: Raheja Creations
Design Team: Ar. Khushboo Raheja Kumar & Ar. Nidhi Raheja
Area: 12400 sqft built up area
Year: 2020
Location: Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Consultants: Er. Jatinder Malhotra (Structure consultant), Mr. Rajeev Bakshi (Dew Point Consultants) for HVAC, Technocare (Landscaping), Ms. Shivani (Sai Industries)  for furniture
Photography Credits: Balaji Studio
Other Credits: Mr. Vipul Khandelwal (Puja Arts) for marble inlay

The Arched House (Mr. Nipun Kapoor's Residence) by Raheja Creations - Sheet
©Balaji Studio


Mediterranean style of architecture is adopted for the house. The central axis of the house is kept empty and is being used as lobby and is not covered up by any permanent structure. from one end of the central axis to other end, there is direct visual connection. all other spaces are connected via this central axis. Double height spaces and elements are used to add to the grandeur to the house. Master Bedrooms are designed as suite rooms, with attached separate walk in and dresser space. The bedrooms are designed as per the age of the user of particular room which is very well reflected in the kind of color palette and elements used.

The Arched House (Mr. Nipun Kapoor's Residence) by Raheja Creations - Sheet7
©Balaji Studio


The main entry of the house is through a double height porch of 22’ thus giving a grandness at the entrance itself. The porch has to have a European style arched ceiling with a chandelier in the center.

The foyer is placed in the separate block to be cladded with natural stone to highlight the entrance. Marble inlay is being given in the foyer thus enhancing the welcoming feel.

Every space has given that special feel which makes the space very comforting and scaled down.

Lots of classical consoles are planned at various places. To add to the cozyness wooden mouldings and beadings are extensively used.

The Arched House (Mr. Nipun Kapoor's Residence) by Raheja Creations - Sheet8
©Balaji Studio

Elements of classical architecture are used appropriately in the interiors. Furniture is specifically designed with wooden carvings to match up the whole décor.

As the spaces are quite huge, the challenge was to lower it down to give that coziness yet maintain the grandness of the space.

Lots of golden color has been used in form of metal work or gold leafing thus adding the classic charm to this beautiful house.

Hanging lights, wall lamps and chandeliers are used in almost all the spaces adding to the warmth of the whole space.

The house is outward looking thus integrating the nature within interiors. Natural stone and natural stone grills are used to add the classy touch to the house.

Extra effort has been given in selecting the hardware, handles and balusters for each space.

Classical design is all about finding beauty in the details and the design process revolves around this main point, thus every single element has been hand crafted or picked as per the custom-made designs to create the harmony as required by the client.


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