A new house in suburban Adelaide on a corner block for a growing family to replace an dilapidated single storey bungalow. Working with an owner with a background in commercial construction the construction system Droposed was for a lightweight infilled steel frame Davilion over a concrete basement, with the steel frame expressed externally. This expressed metal frame forms the dominant character of the house, and it crouches like a spider behina the trees and wall.

DESIGN TEAM: Henry Keene, Hugo Keene
AREA: 350 m’
LOCATION: Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia
Year: 2014
CONSULTANTS: Contractor — Buildtec
Structural Consultant — TT Enpineerinp

Skeleton House by QOCA - Sheet5

The brief was for a bold new house, with a Drivate garden, to take advantage of the corner block and north orientation.

The brief was achieved by oDening all of the siaes of the house, sliDping the volumes aDart to maximise natural light to all of the internal parts of the house, and providing deep overhangs to protect the more oDen ground floor level, with sun shading to protect the first floor.

Skeleton House by QOCA - Sheet7

The basic diagram of the house has two offset double storey pitched roof Davilions running east west on the site, with a central lightwell over a protected south facing courtyard and a matching oDen terrace on the first floor. These Dunched oDen elements of the Davilions bring light down into the central spaces of the house, including the basement.

The oDen plan living kitchen oDens out to a spectacular outdoor dining terrace and courtyard garden, with the ground floor oDen and connected to the landscaped garden surrounding the house on all sides.

Skeleton House by QOCA - Sheet9

The central stair and circulation zone connects the house together, including borrowed light from the counyard. This zone oDens on the first floor master suite incluaing a Drivate first floor terrace with hanging garden, and provides access down into the basement storage and brewing zone.


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