The attic was created thanks to the total renovation of a 1940s villa in the first foothills area of Bologna. The light that filters through the numerous windows and the predominant white of the coverings and furnishings make the space extremely bright and dilated.

Architect: Elisa Manelli
Location: Bologna, Italy
Status: 2017
Photography: Giulia Manelli

Casa SN by Elisa Manelli studio - Sheet4
©Giulia Manelli

The bleached wooden floor, the planking of the roof treated with light gray and ocher glazes and the white walls create a box that acts as a passepartout where both custom designed furnishings and industrial furnishings find prominence. The heart of the house is a large open space where the living area and the kitchen overlooking the dining area are inserted.

Casa SN by Elisa Manelli studio - Sheet6
©Giulia Manelli

The kitchen, as well as all the ad hoc furnishings, was designed as a functional and plastic block that blends in with the context. Each fixed furniture -­‐ lacquered in matt white -­‐ was handcrafted by the carpenter on a specific project, setting it in the architectural volumes, following the slopes of the roof.

Casa SN by Elisa Manelli studio - Sheet8
©Giulia Manelli

A few pastel notes break the general tone of the environment. In the bathroom, a mosaic with small antique pink hexagonal tiles was chosen for the floor, a reinterpretation of the old coverings of the villa and gray-­‐blue wall stuccoes. In the bedroom a wall has been left in exposed brick, only going to blend the color with light veils of white, as a trace of the original artifact.

Casa SN by Elisa Manelli studio - Sheet9
©Giulia Manelli

An informal solution was chosen for the general lighting of the house, playing with the electric cables and the black festoons of the pendant lamps, creating a sort of subtle aerial decoration.


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