The site is on a gently inclined eastern slope on the edge of a single-family houses settlement with a phenomenal view of the mountains of the Pyhrn-Priel region. The client, a young family, wanted a house that was harmonious with the landscape and effectively brings nature and views into the living space. They wished quiet, tidy architecture in wood, concrete and glass. The “House with GABLE” was developed on this basis.

Projects name: Haus mit Giebel / House with Gable
landscape: mia2 Archietektur ZT GmbH Bauherr
Client: privat
Photographs: Kurt Horbst
Year of execution: 2017
Living usable area: 156 m2
Floors: 3 (KG, EG, DG)

House with Gable by mia2 Architektur - Sheet4
©Kurt Horbst

Composed of a few, precisely set elements, the solid wood house is simple and complex at the same time. It is simple in the way it stands in its clear, well-proportioned structure: base, ground floor and roof. It is complex in the spatial variety that it offers.

House with Gable by mia2 Architektur - Sheet7
©Kurt Horbst

The topographical peculiarities of the landscape are used by various heights of house levels. Ground floor disappears a half of meter into the terrain, so that living space is sourrounded like a vessel by base and meadow around. Four steps up located is dining area and kitchen, where space is open all the way up to the ridge. The slightly raised position creates the best visibility conditions, across the neighborhood, out into the mountains.

From the beginning, this project was focused on respecting high ecological and building biology quality. The volume was kept compact and the use of space was limited as much as possible. It was consistently built of wood and insulated with cellulose. The simple construction with a deliberately reduced repertoire of materials and shapes and the high proportion of own work by the client made possible a total of project that achieves maximum quality and livability with a minimum use of resources.


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