We designed single-family house (an individual house), three-story residential building with a ground floor, attic and partially with a basement. We made it in the form of a modern barn, as a double-winged building with a connector with flat roof and an outdoor swimming pool.

Studio Name: BIAMS   www.biams.pl
Design company: BIAMS
Design Team:  Marcin Sieradzki and Mirza Rzayev
Area: 300 m2, 250 m2 without basement, about 200 m2 for room + swimingpool (exterior) – 60 m2
Stage: concept, we working on building plans
Year: project 2022, construction: ???
Location: Poland, voivodeship West Pomerania, county: gryficki, near Mrzeżyno
Consultants: BIAMS team

Two minimalistic white barns by the Polish sea by Biams -Sheet2

The front part – wing number 1 – contains on the ground floor  an entrance hall with a staircase, two rooms (office and guest room)
and a large kitchen with an island divided into a dirty and clean zone, near the dining room. In the connector with the flat roof above which there is a terrace, there are dining rooms for a minimum of 12 person with a bay window to sit in. The rear block – wing numer 2 – contains a large living room – a living room with an orangery and a cathedral ceiling – a double-deck living area. There is also L-shaped swimming pool around the house, and around the living areas there are partially covered terraces.

Two minimalistic white barns by the Polish sea by Biams -Sheet4

The terrain is very unusual. It have trapezoidal shape and it is surrounded on both sides by roads. It is also not very big. We adapted this modern house to the cardinal directions and this specific plot. The minimalist façade on the eastern side isolates the house and its yard from the road. The entrance area and front elevation is also fortress-like. The main door is hiden in the black front wall. There is an attic above the front solid. The rear part is two-storej open space without ceiling.

This contemporary house is white with dark nuances and has minimalistic style and very modern dynamic and futuristic shape of the building.

Two minimalistic white barns by the Polish sea by Biams -Sheet5

Team (the same):

Function, form and concept

Master of Science and Architecture, Engineer Marcin M. Sieradzki – owner, main designer, licenced architect
MSc. arch. (engineering diploma with honors, MA diploma from the Lodz University of Technology in 2009),
authorized architect (license to design without restrictions in the architectural specialty, license number 36/ B-904/LOOIA /09),

since 2010 a member of the Łódź Chamber Architects (LO-0658), since 2012, a member of the elite SARP association,
from 2022, a court expert for the District Court in Łódź, specializing in Architecture and Town Planning, the company BIAMS Buildings and Architecture Marcin Sieradzki has been running continuously since 2005, implementing projects and servicing the entire investment process; expert from residential architecture, both single and multi-family.

Elevations and visualisations:

Mirza Rzayev – architect, art director in BIAMS from V 2022. Born, live and work in Baku (Azerbaijan). Study architecture (1st degree) in Istanbul (Turkey) and in Warsaw (Poland). Work in architekture offices in Europe: Milan (IT), London (UK), Istanbul and Warsaw. Now live in Lodź from year 2022. Very goog in big villas, modern residentials and contemporary architecture. Work in a lot of graphics programs, CAD. Konws well BIM (ArchiCAD). Very good in 3d Modeling (3D studio) and visualisations (VRay, Corona). Fluent speak in Turkish, Russian, Polish, English. Designs very well buildings and interiors.


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