In the spacious, agricultural area of the eastern Uckermark, a spacious residential building and an outbuilding are being composed in timber construction.

Project: Haus Crussow
Studio Name: ©ANNABAU
Project leader: Moritz Schloten
Area: 200 sqm main building, 120sqm annex
Year: 2012
Location: Angermünde, Uckermark, Germany
Consultants: Niehues Winkler Ingenieure (Structural engineering)
Photography Credits: ©Hanns Joosten

Haus Crussow by Annabau - Sheet2
©Hanns Joosten

The adjacent buildings consist of small farms that are located at a great distance from each other. The theme of the farm lying freely in the landscape is taken up. The centre of the plot is formed by a framed courtyard space which is a living space extended into the outside space.

The residential house and outbuildings are arranged on the long sides of the courtyard space.

Haus Crussow by Annabau - Sheet6
©Hanns Joosten

The centre of the house is formed by a central room that is the living room, kitchen, study, hallway and entrance area. The large room is zoned by an inserted room containing the bathroom and guest toilet. Four rooms adjoin the central room to the southwest and northeast. The “room within a room” concept means that there are no circulation areas.

Haus Crussow by Annabau - Sheet8
©Hanns Joosten

The buildings are of timber construction. Laminated wooden trusses with a span of 9m form the supporting structure of the residential building. The timber construction stands directly on a floor slab that is only 12cm thick. The walls, the roof surfaces and the floor are lined with 30cm cellulose insulation. The concrete cube of the central room consists of grouted concrete filigree walls. The four longitudinal façades and roof surfaces are made of corrugated fibre boards. The gable surfaces are boarded with rough-sawn larch wood planks.

Haus Crussow by Annabau - Sheet9
©Hanns Joosten

Directly adjacent to the concrete core in the centre of the building is a basic stove that heats the house through an innovative Schammotschacht system.


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