The Ziegel House, a business complex in Belgrade’s city center, rises at the corner of Rudnička and Nebojšina street. The complex is formed by two independent six-story buildings, that consist of flexible retail spaces, open-plan concept offices and business apartments.

Title: Business complex “Ziegel House”
Construction period: 2016-2019
Purpose (offices, housing…): Offices, Office Apartments
Total floor area: 4930m2
Usable floor area: 4280m2
Client: Private info
Lead Architect & Author: Jugoslav Janjić
Design team: Vera Živanović, Petar Stjelja, Jasmina Abu El Rub Trebješanin
Architect company name: D.A.dizajnarhitektura  d.o.o
Country: Serbia
Photography: Miloš Martinović, Katarina Petrović
Country: Serbia
City: Belgrade
Completion date: 2019

Ziegel House by D.A.dizajnarhitektura  d.o.o - Sheet1
©Miloš Martinović, Katarina Petrović

It is envisioned as a business complex with a long-term rental policy. The business building provides the maximum spatial organization flexibility, seeing that each floor can be easily divided into separate compartments.

Ziegel House by D.A.dizajnarhitektura  d.o.o - Sheet3
©Miloš Martinović, Katarina Petrović

The stretch of space in between the volumes that simultaneously connects and divides, provides privacy for the tenants.

Ziegel House by D.A.dizajnarhitektura  d.o.o - Sheet4
©Miloš Martinović, Katarina Petrović

Although contrasting in volume, two soft curved buildings join together in an elegant appearance, due to a combination of their dark brick facade cladding with and a rhythm of apertures, resulting in a unique and recognizable contemporary identity.


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