ZA-Architekt studio is responsible for the original architectural design “DOMeK – TOMeK” in Łąkta Górna in southern Poland. The shape of the building with steep roofs is unique in its simplicity, while perfectly matching the location of the place.

Project description: ( DOMeK – TOMeK )
Studio Name: ZA – Architekt
Design team: Piotr Zięba & Michał Turek
Area: about 120 m2
Year: 2020
Location: Łąkta Górna – village in southern Poland

DOMek-TOMek by ZA-architekt - Sheet2

A small residential building is located on a hill in a charming and very atmospheric location – the small village of Łąkta Górna. During the design works, the architects responded to all the investor’s requirements, offering a very modern form, while maintaining the traditional finish of the natural stone façade, so characteristic of the historic housing construction in the region. A great treatment is the use of gray standing seam sheet on steep gable roofs – a modern material that, however, perfectly harmonizes with the traditional materials of stone and natural wood. The architects decided to use large modern glazing and the introduction of steel elements in the form of lamellas in the gable walls and as a form of openwork terrace roofing and a glazed winter garden. A very interesting procedure proposed by the design office is the breakdown of the roofs into two interpenetrating gable roofs, thanks to which the body has acquired dynamic expression, and is definitely unique and unique. All these elements gave a great final effect in the form of a unique modern body, which, however, thanks to the combination of modern and traditional materials, is very warm in reception and invites the potential user to enter and see the interior of the building.

One of the investor’s requirements was a small usable area and cubature of the house. It must be admitted that a house on this scale fits perfectly into the existing neighborhood development, which is characterized by small residential buildings with decidedly steep roofs.

DOMek-TOMek by ZA-architekt - Sheet3

Functionally, the house meets the investors’ needs in 100%. The day zone of the building with a living room, dining room and kitchen is located on the ground floor. Than we go out to the space of the all-glass winter garden. In the vicinity of the main space of the ground floor, there is a place for the main bedroom with an accompanying spacious bathroom. The interior is kept in a traditional atmosphere, mainly finished by the natural wood planks. An important element of the living room space is a wood-burning fireplace, behind which there is a steel spiral staircase leading to the attic space. The interior finish harmoniously corresponds to the exterior shape, the building’s surroundings and the garden zone. In the attic there is a place for three bedrooms and a bathroom. From the common area of the attic we get to the terrace located on the west side of the house, from which you can admire the beautiful sunsets. Looking at this terrace from the outside, you have the impression that it has been removed from the roof, because the balustrade is made of the same material as the roofing. It gives an extraordinary visual effect. From one of the sleeping rooms on the upper floor, a larger terrace is avilable, covered with steel elements in the form of openwork lamellas, thanks to which in the afternoon we can observe a beautiful play of light there.


To sum up, the project by ZA-Architekt, taking into account the external shape, the materials used and the functionality,  house “DOMeK TOMeK” makes a unique impression. It is worth emphasizing that this was achieved while respecting the characteristic architecture of the region.


We are graduates of the Faculty of Architecture of the Krakow University of Technology in the fields of Architecture and Town Planning. After gaining experience, working for many years in one of the renowned Krakow architectural offices, developing large prestigious residential, service and public utility projects, many of which won prizes in architectural competitions, we decided to open our own design office. The studio was established as a consequence of a passion for beautiful things and for creation.

Architecture is our passion. We approach each project individually – having a clean sheet in front of us, striving to maintain full harmony between the form and function of the object, bearing in mind one of the most important things in designing, the location and the environment. This approach guarantees that each project is unique and tailored to a specific investor, expectations and the place where the object is to be built. When creating, we move fluently in all architectural styles, we do not limit ourselves to designing in a specific nature, because in our opinion it would be very limiting. Before we starting the design, we get to know the investor, his daily preferences and needs, we get to know the location of the place where we have to create a new building and the landscape and spatial conditions prevailing there, so that the effects of our work was fully satisfactory for future users.

arch. Piotr Zięba
arch. Michał Turek


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