The project is 5 house lots including 92 townhouses and an interwoven park area, creating a fresh and harmonious living environment with nature. The houses are arranged in two spaces with two different functions. The inner space consists of 42 units, with only for residential function. 50 exterior apartments are designed which combine residential and commercial to take advantage of access to surrounding traffic axes, maximizing the commercial value of the house.

Project : Cát Lái Linked House – VENTURA
Location: Cát Lái Residential area, Cát Lái Ward, Thu Duc City, Hồ Chí Minh City
Client: Vinh Phu Invesment Company Limited
Designed in: 2010
Completed in: 2012
Land Area: 12.498 m2
Construction area: 6.652 m2
Total floor area: 31.019 m2
Principal Architect: Nguyen Hoang Manh
Concept Design: Nguyen Hoang Manh
Interior Design: Steven Baeteman
Technical Design: Bui Hoang Bao
Photo credit: MIA Design Studio

Cát Lái Linked House - VENTUA by MIA DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet3
©MIA Design Studio

According to the traditional design which is 5m x 20m townhouse, the architect has carefully considered how to reorganize the modular housing complex with an area of land equal to the area of the townhouse but has expanded the width to 7m and narrow the depth to 14m to facilitate better natural light and ventilation. The setbacks in front and behind the house create good ventilation for urban space.

The façade of the building uses simple, neat lines by the adjacent modules to create its own modern rhythm and style, according to the minimalist architecture, increasing the community green space as the main factor. The balconies and decorative stone walls are carefully researched and arranged according to a particular rule, creating a lively rhythm throughout the streets.

Cát Lái Linked House - VENTUA by MIA DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet5
©MIA Design Studio

1200m2 wide green park is interspersed between rows of houses including promenade, children’s play area, rest and relaxation area for the elderly,… designed and follows the language of shape, simple and modern lines, delicately selected materials contribute to a green landscape space.

Cát Lái Linked House - VENTUA by MIA DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet7
©MIA Design Studio

The houses are designed according to the trend of open space, giving the owners of the house a modern and dynamic lifestyle experience.The space of the houses is designed to be able to receive natural light and good ventilation from the outside,limit the use of unnecessary artificial light and air conditioning. Glass frame system – outside glass doors extend from floor to ceiling, in order to maximize the viewing angle to the outside and can meet the needs of natural or artificial ventilation at the same time, depending on the requirements of users.


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