In today’s era, owning one’s own home may not be an easy task for a variety of reasons.  Therefore, there are many types of housing options to meet the needs of housing, which is an important element of living.

Area: 350 sq.m.
Year: 2021
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Consultants: –
Photography Credits: –
Other Credits: Siamsteel (Project’s Owner), Panasonic (Project’s Owner)

©HYPOTHESIS,Ltd. were commissioned in this modular housing design (MODI). Under the concept of deep breath life, this modular construction system was developed from a collaboration between Siam Steel Company Limited. International Public Company Limited and Panasonic Life Solutions Thailand to create housing styles that are suitable for the lifestyles of today’s people.

©HYPOTHESIS,Ltd. chosen this collaboration brings together structural technology from Siam Steel. Which is a manufacturer and distributor of multi-purpose prefabricated buildings “LUCKY” hi-tech building system combines with a complete solution for homes and offices from Panasonic Life Solutions to solve the issue of energy saving, health and social problems in the elderly  to the difficulty of labor shortage in the construction industry and skill quality problems. The advantage is that the modular construction system uses a short construction period and high quality.  As the construction takes place at the factory where every step is controlled with constant production standards.  There are also a wide variety of options in terms of features, materials, and flexible layouts that can be adapted to suit the size of the land and the required usable space.


During the past year, the situation of COVID-19  Has affected the lifestyle greatly. Most people spend more time at home. The modular house (MODI) under the concept of Deep Breath Life has adopted technologies such as IOT. , AI, Robotic and innovative nanoe™ X to help solve various problems. Whether it’s killing covid-19  viruses and other bacteria,  helping to reduce exposure in various points  inside the house to reduce the spread of germs from air purification and PM2.5 protection, you can be confident that this modular house system will be a good choice and meet the needs of many applications.  in the context of society and the present.


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