The isajo house is a project carried out by the architecture studio ApuntoArquitectura. The house is located in a town in Madrid, Spain; in an environment of plots with single-family homes. The plot has an area of ​​500m2, with a rectangular shape. The building is the result of applying urban regulations to the design, together with the needs of the owners.

Project’s name: CASA ISAJO
Architecture’s office: ApuntoArquitectura
Office’s Country: España / Spain
Year of completion of construction: 2021
Built surface: 338m2
Location: Sierra Norte de Madrid, España
Architect in Charge: Jorge Serrano de La Torre
Designer Team: Ignacio Rejos Urbina y Alicia Espinosa Polanco
Collaborators: Constructora DABEGA S.L., arquitecto técnico Santiago Durán
Photography Credits: Celia Zorzo, Iván Aragón

Casa Isajo by ApuntoArquitectura - Sheet5
©Celia Zorzo, Iván Aragón

It is a single-family house, with a simple volume and with the roof as a characteristic element of the building. The project seeks to enhance different spatial experiences and differentiate rooms according to their use and importance. For this reason, the daytime living spaces have a higher height, and the more private or service spaces have a lower height. All this is achieved thanks to the peculiarity of the roof, formed by a large concrete slab whose ridge is placed diagonally, instead of in the traditional way. In this way, a functional project is created, with a roof as a connecting element and generator of spaces, which surround you thanks to the contrast between colours, materials, heights, lights and shadows.

Casa Isajo by ApuntoArquitectura - Sheet8
©Celia Zorzo, Iván Aragón

The house is distributed over 3 floors: ground floor, semi-basement floor and lower-covered floor. The semi-basement floor is intended for parking, which has a capacity of more than 3 cars. On the ground floor is the main distribution of a house. It has a living room, a kitchen, a double bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom, a guest bedroom, a laundry room, a pantry and a second bathroom. And the ground floor is intended for a leisure room that develops into two environments.

Towards the outside, the façade is made of light-colored exposed brick, the windows carpentry is dark gray, matching the roof, which is made of flat dark gray ceramic tiles. In opposite corners are the two porches of the house, which bite into the volumetry on the ground floor, enhanced by the white color of the plastered walls. The back porch, facing south, opens onto the garden, becoming an extension of the house. The front porch is the one that gives access to the interior of the house, being a transition space between the exterior and the interior.

Casa Isajo by ApuntoArquitectura - Sheet9
©Celia Zorzo, Iván Aragón

Inside, the space is enriched by the play of different heights, sloping ceilings and light colored spaces. But the most characteristic element is the exposed concrete slab that forms the roof. A game of contrasts is created between the white walls and the slab, generating a space full of drama. An important point is the gazebo located on the front porch. The corner is broken again by placing two pieces of glass, creating a duality with the lower porch, since it occupies the same space. From the inside, the viewpoint frames the landscape, as if it were a painting.


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